During the month of August, otherwise known as Women’s Month, SPICE4LIFE will be running a competition sponsored by L.Pinn and Co. in which one lucky reader can stand the chance to win a Shooting Star diamond pendant worth R40 000! In line with this, we decided to explore the meaning behind a shooting star and how it could represent womanhood in general. We asked the staff of Purely Local magazine as well as those within the Spice4Life offices to tell us how a shooting star represents womanhood and/or the uniqueness of being a woman. These were their responses:


“Seeing a shooting star is every little girl’s dream. It is that one chance to make a wish and hope that your dreams come true. Being a woman is a wish come true itself, and it is said that ‘behind every great man is a great woman.’ Not only is it a woman’s natural instinct to motivate the people around her, but a woman receives strength and greatness from making the world a better place one smile at a time. A woman’s smile can be better than making a wish upon a star. Look at our mothers, our sisters, our grandmothers and of course our best friends. Without women the world will be a darker place. Everyone needs that love and care that you receive from the women in your life. Being a woman means that you have the opportunity to spread your uniqueness and your greatness to those who need it and to those who don’t even know that they need it. Like a shooting star, a woman can make your wish come true and give you hope. When you see a shooting star, you admire its greatness and its sparkle, in the same way that you look at a woman and you admire her. Women have come a long way throughout history to be seen as an equal individual. You can take away a woman’s love, but you can never take away her sparkle and courage, making every woman on this planet great, and when they do fall we will still keep on shining and spreading our greatness and courage.” – Julie from Purely Local


When I think about a shooting star in relation to womanhood, the first thing that comes to mind is wonder. Many stand in awe of the strength and beauty of women – much like that of a shooting star. There is a stunning contrast of being so delicately elegant whilst astoundingly powerful. There is a sense of mystery that both carry so beautifully… and just like a shooting star, the presence of a woman is not easily forgotten.” – Jesse-Lee from SPICE4LIFE


“Shooting stars are something people trust. People put their faith in the star, saying their wishes and secretly hoping that the star will make them come true. Shooting stars are just like women who, for generations, have made wishes come true. It is said that, if you give a woman a house she will give you a home. People place their trust in women, whether it is in their families or work, women are expected to produce miracles.  They wear this role well and with such pride. Women were made weaker but not lesser beings. They have proven over and over that, just like the shooting star, they are magical beings. Women are nurturers of life; they glow in the darkest of times and have amazing strength. From biblical women, politicians, career-focused women to the stay-at-home mother, a woman is an all-around incredible creature. Women are beautifully and wonderfully made and placed on this earth to bring light and guidance to those around them. Like the shooting star, women are a blessing to the world, designed to represent and be a representation of God’s beauty.”  – Lelethu from Purely Local


Tricky question…a star shines bright and can lighten up the sky. We all have that in us to sparkle and shine and change a moment in someone’s life. A smile, a word, an acknowledgment can make a difference. Be that shining star and lighten up the world with your uniqueness and charm. Some quotes:

  • “You must be my shooting star… Everything I’ve wished for, is everything you are.”
  • “I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far and I can’t change time but I can look for a brighter tomorrow.”
  • “Some people are like shooting stare. They burst through our lives in a spectacular arc, but they don’t stay long. They just leave a trail.”

Sharon from Spice4Life


“Women are revered, unique beings who bring life into this world, which is associated with a kind of magic, a natural magic that is the female form. Just as a shooting star is a rare occurrence in nature, so is the uniqueness of every woman. Just like a shooting star, women tend to shine in their own way, each having qualities that differ from one another but together they form a wonderful balance of womanhood. Just like the sky is filled with thousands of stars, there are thousands of women, yet there is only one, unique woman that will be the other half to a perfect, loving relationship. Every woman is a shooting star to their significant other – a mystic, divine occurrence that blazes through the galaxy with power and destiny. Shooting stars represent light, illumination and enlightenment, just like the strong light women bring into our lives. Although a shooting star is seen as an elegant, symbol of magic, it also represents a fiery passion of the galaxy, just like a woman will always have a zest for life and love. Women are exceptional, special and remarkable – making them glisten in every way possible. Magic is everywhere, especially in the eyes of a woman in love.” – Romi from Purely Local


“Women from past centuries have changed the world in many different ways and have also made it a lot easier for women of the future. Being a woman in the 21st century encourages us to succeed and be the best in everything we do. I believe that shooting stars represent destiny, energy and chance. It may also imply that you want prosperity and recognition – which every woman deserves to earn. Women should be highly respected and worthy of anything and everything they do, much like shooting stars should be. Shooting stars are not seen often, so when you do see one, it is a sign that you have been granted one special wish. Women are beautiful, bright and graceful, similar to shooting stars that just blaze across the sky and then suddenly fade. Every woman has a sparkle of their own; we are all unique and should be complimented more often than not. Without compliments, we fade.  We need to be appreciated for our doings, much like shooting stars.” – Shannon from Purely Local


“As mentioned previously, a shooting star is a rare sighting. Just like the rarity of a shooting star, the understanding of the true meaning of womanhood and the uniqueness of being a woman is also something many of us hardly catch a glimpse of. What is womanhood? What is a shooting star? Sure, science has managed to explain the reality and cause of a shooting star – a tale that ended many of our childhood fantasies – yet; they fail to explain the nature of a woman.  A failure, I believe, only adds to the beauty and wonder that is womanhood. As we go into the month that celebrates womanhood, I would like to see more and more women come to understand the uniqueness that is each and every one of them. The fact that shooting stars are rare is what makes them so appealing. I have no doubt that each woman is born a star, not many people could deny that! I believe we all have the capacity to become a shooting star, but not all of us embrace that exclusivity. As far as I can tell, there comes a time in every woman’s life where she can decide to take hold of her womanhood and be released from her position as a ‘normal’ star. Whether or not she takes that opportunity is a test of her as woman. Yes, we are all unique and we all hold the true essence of womanhood within us, but only a few will take the risk of embracing their womanhood in its entirety. Only a few will be seen shooting across the sky.” – Samantha from Spice4Life


“The world is full of women. There are actually more women in the world than men. However, although you see many women every day, every single one is unique and they are each seen for their individual personality and beauty. A man in love with a woman is like someone looking up in awe at a shooting star bursting through the atmosphere. When you admire or love a woman, you see her shining brightly in all her glory and it can sometimes seem like she is so extraordinarily original that she stands out against all the other women or ‘shooting stars’ in the world. Women are all made of the same ‘material’ just like shooting stars are all meteors. However, everyone does not travel the same journey and does not have the same destination. Some of us will shine brighter and will reach our goals, whilst others will burn out before they get there. However, we all have the same opportunities. When gambling, a woman often blows on the dice for good luck. Women are actually often associated with luck. They are mysterious creatures even though they are everywhere. Women throughout history were considered to be almost like heavenly creatures and are often compared to angels. Women are strong and light up the world just by going about their journey. Just like when shootings stars explode through the sky together to create a meteor shower, where women gather, magic happens. Keep burning brightly and go for your goals with all your strength. Wishes do come true. ” – Tania from Purely Local


“No matter how small a shooting star is, it makes a huge impact and lights up the sky with its bright white streak while falling down. It gives a sense of hope. Women symbolises hope and the future of humanity. They can make a difference in lives of others with their loving and caring nature. Like the shooting star they give hope and can make wishes come true.” – Tashneem from Spice4Life

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