At Seedstars World, we support entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets. And, having a fearless female CEO at the head of our company, we strongly encourage all women entrepreneurs to stand up and pitch their ideas! This is the first blog post of a special series on women entrepreneurs around the world. Our first stop? Africa!

This magnificent continent is often viewed as a destitute region consumed by war, famine and disease. These are all very real facts and we are not here to minimise their severity. However, we do want to shed some light on the immense potential that some of these countries are showing. And this potential is in part due to the sheer force and determination of African women (over 520’000’000 on the continent!) We all know that women are born fighters. They fight for their rights, for their children and for their future. From a 20-year-old who manufactures bikes with Ghanaian bamboo, to a Rwandan businesswoman who created a mobile tech empire, here are the top 5 women in Africa to keep an eye on!

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Here are top 5 woman entrepreneurs in Africa courtesy of SeedStars World

This excerpt was provided by Bérénice Magistretti

Ndidi O. Nwuneli

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Ndidi has an impressive background. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA (with Honours) in Multinational and Strategic Management from Wharton. After working as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, she joined and became a Partner at Sahel Capital, a private equity and advisory firm focused on the West African agribusiness sector. She is also Co-Founder of AACE Foods, an agro processing company. In the midst of this exceptional career, Ndidi managed to fulfil her passion of promoting entrepreneurship in Africa by establishing LEAP Africa in 2002, which is a leading non-profit organization focused on leadership and ethics. Nwuneli received a National Honour from the President of Nigeria and was recognized as one of 20 Young Powerful African Women by Forbes in 2011. What else is there to say!


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