After 11 successful years in running her own recruitment agency, Karen decided she needed a change in career. At age 37, the emotional and professional demands of her business left her feeling burnt out, and she felt that it was time to change direction.

Moving on meant investing in herself and Karen began by enrolling in a course on Emotional Intelligence and one in Life Skills Coaching, making her an accredited EQ trainer and Life Skills coach.

This knowledge and new outlook served as a springboard into a new business venture with her husband in 2004. Xtreme Projects,, is an environmental spill response company which is situated in Port Elizabeth. Karen expanded their offerings, with the establishment of a training division, The Xtreme Projects Learning Academy, in 2006. This division was branched out further with an Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills division in January 2007.

It is through this Learning Academy that Karen has seen her passion for empowering others comes to life. This division consists of an all women team that are just as passionate as Karen is, and they see to the facilitation of the following courses:

  • Unique Potential & Purpose ( Personal Effectiveness)
  • Heart Currency (Interpersonal Effectiveness).
  • Life Skills Coaching Sessions
  • Career Counseling Sessions
  • Group Interaction Skills Training

The courses on offer expand interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and are valuable in the corporate arena too. Karen is convinced that these courses can make a remarkable difference in the workplace, especially when a philosophy of dealing with issues before they become serious problems is adopted. Karen aspires to become nationally recognized as an EQ trainer, as she knows the value the training holds.

Karen’s circle of influence doesn’t end here, as the awakening she experienced after receiving EQ training, and her ethos of “paying it forward”, lead to the launch of the Xtreme Woman Club. The club was launched in Port Elizabeth in February 2007 with great success. The club is a place where women can invest in and empower themselves in areas where they may lack knowledge or feel vulnerable and is accessible to women of all walks of life.

The Xtreme Woman club meets on a monthly basis and professional women will be sharing on a range of topics, namely financial security, sexual health, cooking and loads more. Karen and her team plan to expand the club throughout the Eastern Cape as they feel there is a great need for it.

With a vast number and diversity of achievements one can easily say that Karen is a remarkable business woman with so much to offer. She bubbles with confidence and enthusiasm and her wish is that other women may find what she has. She doesn’t see herself as a wonder woman, but just as an individual, living out her dream. She is much like you and I, she has a dream, a passion to make a mark, and the courage to make it happen and her message to you is: “I am a Woman. Hear me roar.”

Karen Kelly

What makes you tick?

Being part of assisting people to develop themselves. Watching people learn to believe in themselves is an awesome experience.

What inspires you and gets you through the “Bad Hair” or “Moody Blue” days?

I am consistently self motivated and am able to see the funny or happy side of most things very easily.

What drives you as an individual, personally and professionally?

Instilling confidence and self belief into people’s lives is my driving force. What services do you offer
Emotional Intelligence training
Business & Life Coaching
Team building
Conflict resolution
The Xtreme Woman Club


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