This month is all about moms – so if you are looking for a unique gift idea, look no further. Skip the usual box of chocolates and opt for a DIY gift that won’t require master crafting skills but will spoil the special woman in your life like never before!

This Mother’s Day, here are 4 great DIY gift ideas that are simple to make and will make mum feel special.


Something sweet

For a mom with a sweet tooth, an edible bouquet is a beautiful way to give thanks in a non-traditional style. Start by arranging her favourite sweet treats onto skewers, using brightly coloured tissue paper or cupcake liners to add volume to the arrangement. For a healthier option, you can use fruit such as grapes, berries, melon balls and slices of pineapple cut into interesting shapes. This is one bouquet that will definitely get eaten before it wilts.


Savour the savouries

Flavoured salt is a yummy treat for moms with a more savoury palate. Try classic flavours such as a chilli or garlic mix which is great for giving an extra kick to warm, buttered popcorn. To make it, simply add dry herbs and spices of your choosing to a pretty glass jar filled with classic table salt – it’s that easy! With this gift, it’s all about the presentation, so choose an interesting container and decorate it with ribbon, string and don’t forget to attach a loving message!


A loving thought

A great gift doesn’t always have to cost you money – and sometimes the best gift for a busy mom is a simple gesture. To express your appreciation this month, maybe take over some of her day-to-day chores or offer to do something EXTRA nice that you wouldn’t usually do. You can make a booklet of colourful vouchers or IOU’s to give to her – jam packed with offers of steaming cups of tea, back rubs and tasty homemade made meals. This is a fun low-cost way to express your gratitude to the special woman in your life.


Homeward bound

A homemade trinket or something decorative for the house is always a win.  For example, embroidery hoop wall art is a great way to personalise this year’s gift and these simple round canvases look fantastic when hung in a cluster. All you need is a few different sized embroidery hoops and some brightly coloured pieces of fabric to personalise them – no embroidery skills required.


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