With summer comes gardens in full bloom, bursts of colour and an appeal to the senses. For those feeling weighed down,  it is time to revive yourself in time for the holiday season, so that you feel fresh and energised to enjoy a well-deserved break.


Working in the garden is not only rewarding, it is also a health factor. With weeding, watering, trimming, planting and mowing, one can get a daily dose of exercise in a fun and stress-free way. The garden may also serve as a rejuvenator as it can provide aromatic fragrances from certain herbs and flowers that reduce anxiety and stress, which has been known to be the underlying cause of a number of emotional and physical disorders such as depression, heart attack, anxiety and more.


If you have not yet planted aromatic flowers or herbs, you may find that this is the perfect time to create your perfect fragrant garden, whether it is within your large garden, a small pot-planted garden on the patio where you have your morning tea, a vertical garden on a flat balcony, or near a bench you have placed in the garden where you enjoy reading a book.


Here are Four of the most common type of herbs and flowers with aromatic benefits for you to plant in your garden:

  • Lavender: Both the leaves and the flowers give off a strong and relaxing scent. The benefits of having this herb in your garden is that it promotes relaxation and has a calming effect.
  • Mint: Has a strong, delicious scent. The smell of mint leaves is said to boost memory and alertness. Mint leaves can also be ingested and assists with nausea, digestion and respiratory disorders.
  • Rose: These beautiful flowers can produce a sweet scent. Oftentimes people put their nose to the petals to smell the scent. This is said to be beneficial as it uplifts the mood, and soothes anxiety. The aromatherapy oils derived from roses also fade scarring and help create a more youthful appearance. Rose water is also produced from roses and has healing and antioxidant properties.
  • Grass: Floral fragrance benefits can also come from the unlikely of sources. The smell of freshly cut grass is also believed to relieve stress. “Researchers have discovered that a chemical released by a mown lawn makes people feel happy and relaxed, and could prevent mental decline in old age” (According to telegraph.co.uk).


So this summer, reward yourself by spending time in the garden and feel relaxed, rejuvenated and back to your good, energised self so that you can enjoy more of life.


For those who have never visited Granny Mouse Country House & Spa. On first glance, you will find strategically placed lavender and other herbs and flowers around their gardens to give the Hotel a calming appeal. Apart from the wonderful colours, sights and smells, one will also hear birds chirping and insects buzzing about from flower to flower, which is one of the treats of being outdoors.


At Granny Mouse Spa, a range of aromatherapy oils, inspired by their gardens, are used in their Signature Treatment – The Infinity of Beauty and Indulgence. This treatment combines an invigorating full body salt, fresh lavender and Rosemary scrub, detoxifying seaweed wrap on the back, a rebalancing CSpa Facial as well as an aromatherapy massage using essential oils such as peppermint, lavender and lemon.


In each room, guests are welcomed by the scent of lavender and sandalwood, a soothing combination omitted from bath salts purchased locally. Sprigs of lavender cut from the gardens are also placed in the rooms to encourage relaxation.


Information provided by the Granny Mouse Country House & Spa Gardening and Spa team,  thealternativedaily.com and telegraph.co.uk.

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