Designing a child-friendly bathroom is challenging for a number of reasons, least of all the fact that it can quickly be outgrown if it is too whimsically designed. The bathroom is a multi-purpose space after all, and while it must include plenty of storage, easy-care surfaces and durable fixtures, accommodations should be made for little people too.

A lot happens in the family bathroom, especially in the early mornings with the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the day ahead.  But it doesn’t have to be all functional or practical. With a little creativity and clever design your children’s bathroom could become a world of fun and fantasy for children and a practical, easy to manage space for parents – taking the hard work and frustration out of the ‘it’s time to have your bath’ negotiation.

Liza Watermeyer, Retail & Display Coordinator at Tile Africa shares a few tips on how to make a bathroom child-friendly:

  1. Colour

To create a playful atmosphere, team neutral tiles with bands of glass mosaics in bright blue, fresh green or a soft turquoise. Colourful tiles such as mosaics bring energy to the bathroom, add texture and grabs attention. Co-ordinate the colour scheme with towels, face cloths, bathmats, hooks and toothpaste holders in shades of the same hue as the tiles.

  1. Wall to floor tiles

Tile the walls as well as the floor as tiles are exceptionally hard-wearing, hygienic and easy to clean.  Tiling your walls will not only protect your walls from splashes resulting from robust bath romps and bath crayons but also adds character to the room.

  1. A step up

Make the bathroom easy to use. Buy a step stool or better yet, have one built into your vanity. Vanities are by default a bit higher for adult use so by adding a step, your children will be able to reach the tap and other necessities without too much fuss or mess.

  1. Ditch the towel bar

Instead of fitting double-rodded towel rails, opt for hooks. It’s easier for the children to hang up their towels and you never have to bother with refolding or adjusting the towels to make the bathroom look neat after bath time.

  1. Two is better than one

Two basins with their own mirrors are ideal for a children’s bathroom as this will prevent the squabbling over space when it comes to brushing teeth, cleaning faces and washing hands.

  1. Keep the toys, not the mess with clever storage.

Storage in a bathroom is very important as children have lots of paraphernalia, especially when it comes to making bath time fun. Aside from installing a practical vanity with cupboard and shelf space, consider adding additional storage baskets and bins to reduce the clutter of bath toys and goodies.


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