The cars of today are as diverse as the people driving them, ranging from SUV’s to station wagons, compact cars to vans. However, most car owners have one thing in common: their cars must be well looked after. People want their cars to look as clean and tidy as it did on the first day, which is made possible by premium brand Carbox, now available from newly launched online store Car+Me.

Says Managing Director of Car+Me, Gunther Schmitz: “Made in Germany, Carbox is the epitome of quality and value maintenance. Carbox stands for perfectly fitting, high quality products, which provide lasting all-round protection. On top of being made of an anti-slip rugged material, these products are also impressively easy to handle and there is no space wastage or loss of shape. They are made of a flexible plastic material with a rim all the way round and are available in black, grey and beige. They also come with a 10-year guarantee.”

Boot liners by Carbox protect your boot from dirt and are great for families with small children and dogs, hunters, gardeners, outdoor lovers and sports enthusiasts. Continues Schmitz: “With Carbox you’ll have a well cared of interior at all times. The products are versatile, easy to clean, acid resistant and odourless, and come with an unlimited recycling guarantee.”

Carbox is now available from innovative online shopping portal Car+Me. Concludes Schmitz: “As our lives evolve, our vehicles need to evolve with them. Families need practical car accessories that enhance the usability and offer flexibility to make the car fit their lifestyle. We offer a one-stop solution for the best modern, trendy and stylish car accessories available in the market. All our suppliers are OEM suppliers, trusted by German premium car brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi and VW.”

Visit Car+Me at – the online shop for practical gear to make your car fit your lifestyle.

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