This is the month of CELEBRATING WOMANHOOD and I am so excited to share it with you!I love the fact that we have claimed the entire month and not just the day and it reminds me of the fact that time nor opportunity nor self-worth stands still for anyone. The blessings are available all around us, we just have to show up, each hour and find the opportunities, even when they need to be grabbed with both hands at the bottom of a dark barrel or what some of us call a tunnel and Seize the Day. Or choose to see the light. Even if it takes a little imagination..Women’s empowerment and our own tenacity to celebrate our womanhood with or without ”mans” or “societies” “permission” has come a long way. Let’s be real, there are still many obstacles, but no great victory or “Seize” came without its efforts and my contemplation around the celebration of womanhood is filled with melancholy. If we look at the success stories of women and their passionate motivations to live a full and filled and equally good life for themselves as well as others’ the stories can be traced back over many centuries. WOMAN truly is one of the most tenacious characters of all time…and there is so much to celebrate, lets do that!

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CEO of SPICE4LIFE.co.za, Michelle Korevaar, shares the experience of winning the Womens’ President Organizations’ Presidents’ award. 

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We explore some of South Africas’ excellent community initiatives and recognize some of the people behid them.

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Not sure what to do for Womens Day? We cover events for Women of all ages to keep you in the connected, and in the know.

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Explore some of out favourite content surrounding Fashion, Health & Beauty – and embrace the sexiness of womanhood.

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In the spirit of August, Women’s Month, we have taken the liberty to identify some of history’s iconic women who will be forever remembered for their quirky personalities and the impact they made on how women were seen by society.

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