a throng begins to gather around them
because they long to witness the birth of the child
a fire burns brightly in the middle of the hut
showing the immaculate blankets on the floor
the ladies speak only in whispers
because they don’t want to distract the mum-to-be
who is overcome by her emotions
sweat begins to form on her brow
after a long stretch of huffing and puffing
which is followed by a deafening silence
finally, she lets out a huge sigh of relief
the midwife announces the good news
to the ladies, that the baby is born

suddenly a breeze sweeps through the hut
taking away the temporary freeze
of the spontaneous moment
as simultaneous congratulating and ululating
is done to the pair, of mother and midwife,
a lady yells a befitting welcome to the baby
that she must be of royalty
because her eyes are beaming of loyalty
numerous predictions pop up
about the child’s future – some are humorous
but others a bit harsh,since she is only an infant
bulls bellow in the distance
in unison to the mellow villagers mood
I wrote this poem to glorify the unique experience many women go through in their adult life.

Note: This article is part of SPICE4LIFE’s From the Boys section – a space for the guys to share their perspective and reflections on the world of women – and their own worlds.

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