Switching off after a long day at work, or a busy day taking care of family and home commitments, can be difficult. Whether you spend your day working on a laptop, talking to clients, or taking care of running the home, the end of the day or week can leave you feeling stressed and drained.


We all need a space where we can unwind, relax, and recharge. Whether you have a dedicated room available, or just a section of a room free, you can create an indoor zen space that works for you. Together with Pam Golding Properties, here are three tips to help you create your ultimate indoor zen space.


Keep it simple

An untidy, cluttered space is not conducive to either relaxation or productivity. And while you need certain things in your zen space to make it yours, making it as uncluttered as possible will help your mind let go of any stress or general lack of organisation felt from the day. Placing a comfortable sofa, simple bookcase, and side-table or cabinet in the space is all you need to make it feel minimal but also functional. The idea is to make the space yours, so whether you use it for some alone-time reading, as a quiet space to practice yoga, or as a peaceful space to knit or sew, have one piece of furniture available to store your things in while you aren’t in the space. This way when you walk into the space it will already feel welcoming and less chaotic.


Provide comfort

The purpose of an indoor zen space is to provide ultimate relaxation, and there’s no better way to attain this than to place in it things that make you comfortable. Everybody’s idea of comfort is different, so place items that provide the ultimate comfort to you. If you use it as a space to read, don’t fill it with hard chairs and tables, but rather a daybed, hammock or large armchair with lots of cushions and blankets. If you’ve chosen the space for the purpose of meditation or yoga, choose a soft and durable mat, and/or a selection of pillows to make your practice as pleasant as possible.



Think about colour 

Apart from choosing a space that receives a fair amount of natural light to positively enhance your mood, wall and decor colours go a long way to providing a space conducive to relaxation. Choose colours you enjoy being surrounded by, but that are also known to enhance a calm atmosphere. If you want to create a warm but stimulating environment, choose shades of rich yellow or golden ochre.These colours enhance warmth and energy, but are not too harsh on the eye if the correct shades are chosen. If you want to create a slightly calmer and more soothing atmosphere, select shades of blue, lavender, pale pink or green. These colours enhance feelings of balance and harmony if light shades are chosen.


Whether you’re looking at property for sale to create a zen room from scratch, or just repurpose an existing room or space in your current home, keep these three basic tips in mind and you’ll be on on your way to creating the ultimate zen space in your home.

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