Re-think what you can do with cement this Valentine’s Day courtesy of Builders…


Add more love onto your table by creating the cutest little table favours, bring them to life by planting mini cactus or succulents.


Here’s what you’ll need: Cement; Builder’s sand; Water; Bucket; Latex gloves; Mould; Mini cacti and succulents. Combine the above with enthusiasm to channel your inner DYI-self and you will be a step closer to adding more love on your table.


Below are a few easy steps to create your perfect feature:

  1. Wear latex gloves and mix equal parts of cement and sand in a bucket. Add water in small increments and mix well.


Tip: The cement should be the consistency of dough

  1. Press a little cement mixture in the bottom of the mould. Place the plant in its container on top of the cement and fill the surrounding space with cement. Pressing it into the mould – be careful of the thorns!
  2. Tap the sides of the mould to remove bubbles in the cement. Leave to dry for at least 48 hours.
  3. Take the hardened cement shape out of the mould.


You can take it a step further and add colour to your creation!


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