A man’s DNA can, vehemently at times, urge him to get a motorbike or a flashy sports car, but when he is married or has kids, or lacks the resources to make this dream a reality, the man cave can be his next best thing.


If Batman could have the Bat Cave; Superman, the Fortress of Solitude and Elvis Graceland – why doesn’t every man deserve his own uniquely-designed sanctuary.


We sat down with Jacques van Embden, MD of urban property development company, Blok, to chat about what he thought was the “perfect” man cave and how you could design your own.


“A man cave fulfils a very personal function in a man’s home, so the “perfect” man cave is entirely subjective. For the Blok Man, I would say form and function would be of equal importance; I want my man cave to be filled with the things that make me happy: a high-res, large-screen TV, quality whisky collection and collectables, but I also want it to look modern and clean and well-designed. Oh, and don’t forget the bar, no man cave is complete without one,” says van Embden.


However, before you start shopping up a storm for your “Fortress of Solitude”, (another benefit of having a man cave – YOU get to name it) you need to consider a few things first.


Van Embden says, “Storage to keep all the necessary man-accessories neat and tidy. These would include cigars, cutters and butane lighters, chargers, additional gaming controllers, architectural magazines and music. Then a comfortable chair is a must, as are all of the bar accessories; beautiful glass or crystal whisky tumblers, bottle openers, beer mugs, etc.”


Sometimes one’s finances don’t always allow us the opportunity to go all out. Van Embden advises, “ Be smart with your budget and rather take longer to build your perfect man cave with the right equipment than build it quickly with lower quality items. A good man cave should last you a lifetime.”


Besides the budget, there are times when space can play a role when it comes to designing your “perfect” man cave. “Storage is key, says van Embden. “We are now building apartments with dual-function storage everywhere – from kitchen units that are also hidden cupboards to beds that have storage space underneath them. A smaller man cave should make use of the same techniques to maximise space while not compromising on quality and experience.”


Once you have the design down, the most important of all is where in the house you should set up your cave and I think that I say this on behalf of men everywhere – “Somewhere that is out of earshot of the kitchen,” laughs van Embden.

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