When adopting any interior or decorating style it is worthy to consider the personal lifestyle and preferences on functional, psychological and aesthetic aspects and to relate the interior decoration with the exterior as well as the nearby environment.

Indonesian furniture and accessories are mainly manufactured from teak, but other materials include Rattan, bamboo, mango wood, banana leaf, sea grass and water hyacinth. Pieces are sturdy and well constructed. Natural materials abound in island style, with window treatments commonly made using bamboo and sea grass for blinds and panels.

Decor and accessories are brightly coloured, with magenta, violet and yellow being the most predominant colours. In more traditional island style homes colours are more earthy, with neutral, brown, orange and black being the most favoured.

Decorating Tips:

• Make use of as much natural material as possible. Coir or sea grass mats to dress natural floors of pigmented concrete or laminate wood or bamboo floors
• Window treatments should be simple, again using natural materials such as bamboo or sea grass.
• Colours are earth tones with bright accents.
• Baskets and woven accessories are used abundantly as storage and decorative items.
• Bedroom are sumptuous and largely proportioned with silk, linen and pure cotton bedding under imposing headboards or dreamy canopies dressed with the lightest of fabrics.

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