2017 Palette as put together by Inspired Design


With 2017 in full swing, it is time to make new or renew, and what better place to start that with colour!


We recently chatted to Francois Steyn, the General Manager, and one of the Interior Designers at Inspired Design in Umhlanga, to find out more about the colour trends for the season, and what to look out for in 2017. 


“17 is responsible for insight, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual, consciousness and wisdom and a desire for peace. 17 is a highly spiritual number. 2017 is also the year of the Rooster, depicted by high levels of confidence,” says Steyn.


According to Steyn, the key element for the season, is to be aware of your space. His tips include going organic with a mix of natural timber, resins, steel and the colour green and bring the outdoors in to create a fresh, nature-inspired look and feel. 

Make new or renew – decorating with colour!


Colour & Space:

There are numerous furniture designers that have been creating furniture from natural timber and resin, incorporating steel legs, which gives the room a starting point to build upon – especially for a dining area. 


Alternatively a natural coloured sofa, paired with a bright green wall, will add that pop of colour to one’s TV or sitting room or alternatively if this is too much colour for the preference of the home owner, then brining in a touch of green through hanging wall art accompanied by mirrors on a wall will help reflect the colour throughout the room. To add another organic element, a natural wooden coffee table, or side tray table with green accessories such as an indoor plant, or cactus-plants, can also add that natural dimension to the room.


“More than ever eco-friendly is top of mind for all decorators and we are bringing this in to our client’s homes,” Steyn says.


Apart from just green as a colour to pick; teals, greens, gold’s and yellows are also still very much on trend for design and are lucky colours this year. He assured that they are likely to be around for a few more months. 


Steyn also warns that the most unlucky colour for the year is red and should be steered clear of.  

Make new or renew – decorating with colour!


Light bulb moment:

When one is looking at the lighting of a room, this can be a very important addition that is somewhat overlooked. Adding a modern raw copper light bulb lamp to a side table or a set of hanging light bulbs also create an unfinished, raw feel, adding to the natural look and feel.

Make new or renew – decorating with colour!

Rugs Original Prisma range


Lay it down: 

To act upon the thought of bringing the outdoors into the home, can also be in the form of laying down a rug.

Machine made carpets like those which are flat and woven, and made with 100% polypropylene like those from Rugs Original’s Prisma range, can add a pop of colour to a space. It also brings in warmth for cooler evenings.  The carpet is woven in a specific way which ensures a very hard wearing indoor outdoor carpet – the perfect addition to your TV room, sitting room or even bedroom.

In keeping with the meaning of 17, Steyn also advises that one should change 17 things in their home this year. Whether it is changing the location of an object, revamping the colour, swapping things around or buying new, change is good and is likely to create positive vibes throughout the year.

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