The silly season is fast approaching and people are starting to wind down for the year. It’s no secret that December is the one month where robberies are rife all over the country. The escalating number of vehicle thefts is enough to make anyone apprehensive as to what could go wrong while they’re lying on the beach. Luckily there are various alarm systems, tracking devices and now idDots to deter theft and hijacking of one’s vehicle.
From gorilla-locks to tiny dots
There was a time when people used to rely on a piece of metal gripped around their steering-wheel or gear-lever to keep their vehicles safe. For two-wheelers, the owners just had to be content to leave their bikes unattended or hope that a chain through the wheel would be enough to ward off thieves. Technology now allows vehicle owners to safeguard their cars and bikes against theft more effectively than ever before. Gorilla-locks slow down the thieving process, while instruments like tracker—invisible to a thief—alerts the owner and tracking company. These devices have for a long time been extremely successful, however, robbers have also learnt to master these devices and can now deactivate them in a matter of moments.
Introducing idDot’s revolutionary system that consists of 10 000 microdots sprayed onto any car or bike. The tiny high-tech polyester substrate dots permanently mark the vehicle—without damaging the paintwork— and its parts with a unique pin number. The best part is if the primary and secondary identification marks are removed, the microdots will remain intact and still ensure that the vehicle is identifiable. This system is great for cars, trucks and fleets but it’s even more appropriate to two-wheelers—like Vespa— that have become popular urban methods of transport.
Secure and robust
idDot is proven to be a major deterrent against theft and hijacking. It is supported by the South African Police service and endorsed by Business Against Crime and major Insurers. Interestingly, it has been found that thieves consider a micro-dotted vehicle to be tainted and therefore less desirable to steal. In the event of a micro-dotted vehicle being stolen, the dots prevent cloning and re-birthing thereby protecting the identity of the vehicle. They also assist law enforcement in tracing with parts identification supplied by the dots.
Safety first for two-wheelers
This product is ideal for two-wheelers, like Vespa. The microdots are applied quickly and easily and won’t restrict the owner to customising their Vespa as they would with any other security system. The Vespa Wynberg Service Station has become a recognised idDot fitment centre, specialising in the installation of the system to any Vespa. This quick-to-fit, affordable system requires no maintenance whatsoever and is guaranteed to keep the bike safe and sound.
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