Home improvement should be exciting; picking out colours, themes and furniture. Problem is, it is usually overshadowed by the anxiety of cost – creating your dream home doesn’t come cheap.


But it’s 2017, and with the collective will of the internet, all you need is a little research to take your home from drab to fab – while avoiding the debt, of course.


  1. Don’t be scared of DIY

Doing it yourself hasn’t become a trend without reason – with a little time, you’d be amazed what you can create. When it comes to DIY projects, the internet has your back. Check out Pinterest for a huge range of different ideas – everything from bookshelves and drawers to repurposing old plastic bottles and wire hangers. Remember you don’t have to complete a DIY task in one go – take it slowly and work on the project over the weekends.


  1. Why not rent?

Buying new furniture and appliances is often just too expensive to even consider. Credit agreements are always an option, but they tend be long-term – once you sign, you’re locked in for the foreseeable future, which your budget might not be able to accommodate. Renting-to-own is the perfect option for those who are a bit credit-shy. Offered locally by Teljoy, renting your home’s appliances is a great way of starting out without falling into a debt trap. Teljoy offers a wide range of home products, from TVs to microwaves to lounge suites and more, and with delivery and installation included and a 30-day cancellation policy, this is a stress-free way to get your flat screen TV or new comfy couch.


  1. Think small

Not every home improvement has to be a massive task – sometimes the smallest of changes can have a great impact on a space. There are loads of small beautifying things you can do until you can afford to move to the next step in your renovations. Some ideas include using your old bracelets as napkin holders, painting old or battered furniture and repurposing plastic bottles as vases.


  1. Just a ‘lick’ of paint will do

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to spruce up your home is definitely a fresh coat of paint. You could paint just one wall for a bright pop of colour, whitewash your doors or lighten your rooms by giving your window frames a fresh look.

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