She is also a Mother of two children and has a great interest and passion for all things that are related to health and well- being.

 About our Website and Face Book Page

Parenting Hub is a collaboration of many people, including mothers, teachers, child specialists and medical practitioners, all whom are intent on providing informed, accurate parenting information to parents everywhere.

Our Vision
To uplift, support and inspire parents and to inform and educate on all child related issues.

 Our Intent
To provide and share information of things to do, places to go, places to eat, professional services and educational facilities for children and their families.

 A Targeted Niche to Serve
Parents, moms, dads, care- givers, teachers, Grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles and friends.

 A Grand Message to Share
Live your best life and your whole family will benefit. Words on nutrition, good health, balanced living, financial well- being, discipline, child development, activities and crafts and child care.

 Our Social Calling
Sponsor NGOs that serve children. Highlight events and causes that they might have. Be a vehicle to assist in donations.

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