Gardening enthusiasts take note – the latest, and growing trend, is cordless, battery operated garden tools that make working in the garden so much easier!

Going battery powered means getting rid of the hassle of plugs and long extension cords. It also means you no longer need to worry about using petrol and other hazardous fuels – and this in turn makes these tools more environmentally friendly.

Orlando Luis, CEO of family owned hardware stores, Brights Hardware, says that going cordless will improve your gardening, save you money and give you a better user experience than before. “Most garden power tools work off the same 18V battery platform that conventional cordless powertools do and are interchangeable. Some larger machines, like lawnmowers and chainsaws use 2x18v Lithium-ion batteries as they required (the additional power of) 36V.”

The range of cordless garden tools available also includes hedge trimmers, garden blowers, brush cutters, vacuum and mulching machines, line trimmers, and reciprocating saws. According to Luis, the Japanese brand Makita has the most comprehensive range so far in the business and Ryobi is next to follow with very cost effective solutions in these difficult financial times.

Brights offer a list of the top 6 benefits of cordless garden tools:

1. They Can Cover Large Gardens

“Today’s models are more often equipped with longer-lasting, faster charging lithium-ion batteries that make it possible for you to cover a large garden in one charge. In addition, many have eco and full-power modes which mean that you can have full control over how long they last.”

2. They are Lighter and Easier to Use

“Cordless trimmers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers and other gardening equipment are smaller and lighter than their petrol counterparts and aren’t restrained and limited by a cord,” says Luis. “The fact that they weigh a lot less than a typical petrol garden tool, and are very easy to start makes them suitable for everyone to use. This is especially useful for elderly people who can find it hard to lift a heavy hedge trimmer to reach the tops of hedges. It’s also a much safer way to get the gardening done.”

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Luis cautions that when it comes to gardening tools, petrol-powered versions are the most environmentally damaging. “Using a petrol lawnmower for an hour pollutes the air as much as driving 150 km’s in your car. Cordless gardening tools are better for the environment because no fumes are created from their use.”

4. Almost No Maintenance Required

Petrol lawnmowers, leaf blowers and other equipment require regular maintenance, as well as refueling. “Cordless models on the other hand, require little to no maintenance. The only maintenance that might be required when it comes to the cordless models is cleaning, oiling and sharpening the blades, as well as making sure you keep your tools clean and stored properly.”

“It is a good idea to also pay attention to the battery in order to prolong its life. You should take good care of it, be careful when you’re using it and store it properly whenever you’re not working in the garden. Disconnect the battery if you do not intend to use the tool for a while and trying not to leave it charging for longer than is necessary.”

5. Battery-Powered Equipment Can Cut It

Battery-powered gardening tools are equally up to the task as their petrol or electircal counterparts and can provide the same results.

6. Enjoy Fresh Air While Gardening

With battery-powered models you don’t have to worry about dangerous gas emissions and fumes that are not pleasant and in the long run will are not good for your health.

Over all, battery-powered gardening tools are quieter, easier to start, easier to use and the best solution for your garden and the environment. Battery powered tools and machines are the future – just like battery operated cars,” concludes Luis, who adds that Brights Hardware has on-site experts in all of their stores to provide advice and guidance on any garden tools you may be thinking of buying. “Whatever you may be interested in finding out more about our knowledgeable staff members can provide you with all the product insights and information that you need. Brights currently have a selection of Ryobi and Makita battery operated gardening machines on promotion until 21 December 2019 – so a perfect opportunity to grab a gift for the gardening enthusiast in your life.”

“Included are grass trimmers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, reciprocating saws, chain saws, garden blowers and garden vacuums.”

Brights Hardware is a Western Cape based hardware chain that was founded in 1971 as a General Dealer specialising in electrical contracting and repairs. Brights remains a family business and over the past 48 years has grown considerably, now consisting of eight stores in Boston, Blackheath, Langebaan, Mitchells Plain, Montague Park, Plattekloof, Uitzicht and a new Brackengate store. 

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