Want to get that perfect selfie with your pooch? The problem is your furry friend tried to bite your phone, constantly squirms out of your arms or has decided that chewing your hair is more fun.


Now, there’s fun solution for getting your dog to focus on your mobile screen and strike the perfect pose – the Dentastix Selfie-STIX.


Pedigree created the cool phone accessory – a clip that attaches a Pedigree Dentastix to your cell phone – to help you and your pooch master the selfie and capture your most memorable moments.


All you have to do is use the clip to attach a Dentastix to your phone. Your dog will be so interested in the Dentastix that you will be able to get the perfect shot of the two of you gazing lovingly at your screen (or the Dentastix, if you’re a dog).


To make sure you and doggie are picture perfect, beauty blogger Siobhan Yeatman, more commonly known as Sugar and Spice, suggests “knowing your angles! You should always take a selfie from slightly above the level of you and your pet’s faces.  Not only does this prevent the dreaded human double-chin, but you’ll ensure you get your pet’s loving eyes head on. Make sure your pooch is clean!  Nobody wants to see a selfie of a dirty, straggly-haired hound.  Unless you’ve just done a Muddy Puppy event with Pedigree.”


TV presenter and actor, Chris Jaftha, says mastering the perfect adventure selfie with your dog requires safety first. “Besides the perfect lighting for an adventure selfie, knowing your limits and ensure you are always safe – Once the safety aspect is in place, anything goes, “says Chris. “You don’t have to be in an extreme environment or situation to take an adventure selfie, it’s all up to you and how you can make the moment adventurous. If you feel like your life is an adventure, any selfie with you in it will be an adventure selfie


And just when you thought there was nothing else to know about taking human/doggie selfies, blogger Anja Wintour (Glitz and Grammar), says “every Instagram-worthy selfie comes down to good lighting, and it’s no different for pets. Keep it glam for the gram by making sure there is adequate lighting to make your fur child’s coat shine!”


Once your pooch has mastered the selfie, it may be time to explore Pedigree’s Selfie-STIX filters.

Pedigree Senior Brand Manager, Ashleigh Sanderson, says the app is like Snapchat for dogs. “The app uses unique dog facial recognition technology to hone in on the faces of different dog breeds, allowing users to create fun looks with their prized pets.”


The Selfie-STIX clip will be available with every Dentastix pack at select Pick n Pay outlets nationwide from 15 May 2019. The promotion runs for a limited period, so hotfoot it to your nearest Pick n Pay and get your Selfie-STIX now, while stocks last.

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