The process of decorating your child’s bedroom will be as much fun for you putting it together as it will be for them playing and living in it. You can relive your childhood days and appreciate the pure delight in your little one’s eyes as they see the result of their bedroom.  



The start of your efforts should be choosing a theme and then have everything else complement the theme. As much as you love clouds and giraffes, let your child have a say in what they love as well. Then the rest is pretty easy. Your theme’s colour can be painted on the walls, brought onto the bed through the duvet covers, matched with the curtains and accessorised with paintings and decor.

Find bed structures that fit right into your child’s theme, be it cars, pirates, princesses or jungles, there will be a bed set for them.



Complement your theme with appropriate lighting fittings. Keep them fun and interesting and if there is enough natural light during the day, try to use dim lighting for the evenings to encourage a calm environment and a preference for bedtime. Have fairy lights, light boxes in the shape of animals, or the old time favourite lava lamp as night lights for your child’s room.

You should be aware of the effect of a night light on your child’s sleeping patterns and use them with caution. Use the right colour lighting (red is the better colour for sleeping) and don’t leave them on all night if you can help it.


All the things

You want the best for your child and want to give them all the things they may possibly want. Bring in a TeePee structure to put in the room, fill it with pillows and fluffy toys and you’re bound to be the favorite parent for a while.

Take advantage of the geometric shapes-trend that you love but can’t get to work in your own bedroom and integrate it into your child’s room. Have a feature wall in the room with various patterned shapes in different colours or colour shades according to the theme. If a geometric wall is too overpowering, then incorporate it in storage boxes, cabinets, rugs, or bedding and you’ll still be on-trend.

Install an interactive wall for your child to have fun with. It will definitely keep them busy and, depending on what type of activity you want out of it, they can develop some coordination and strengthen their logic skills as well.

Whatever you do, keep it child-friendly and don’t put in anything there that will create a strange shadow in the night. You don’t want to defeat the purpose of creating a beautiful and fantastic bedroom for them, only to have them still crawl up between you and your partner in the middle of the night, do you?



Incorporate educational elements into your child’s room, obviously fitting with the theme. It may just entertain them to begin with but, as they get older, they will learn to follow the letters, rearrange the number blocks, know what the clock means and, hopefully, learn where to pack the toys away in the puzzle toy box.

Use the space theme to put the popular constellations on the roof and hang up the solar system to teach them the names of the planets. Use the jungle theme to incorporate different textures into the room so they learn about different materials and environments. There are so many ways to bring in little educational features into your child’s room. Even something as simple as a whiteboard for them to draw on, depending on their age though you may need to monitor this activity or just go with the interactive wall idea. Less maintenance.  


But don’t overdo it

It’s great to go all out and build a bedroom that is a basically a functional ship but be careful not to don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get carried away, but just remember, children don’t stay children forever. Also, they are always changing their minds. Before you know it Paw Patrol will be out and Story Bots will be in.

Save yourself the hand-ache of never putting the hammer down as your child chops and changes their obsessions, and keep your featured pieces functional and changeable. Use fabric graphics and modular elements that can be moved around and updated as necessary. You’ll be doing yourself a favour and your child won’t know the difference.

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