Whirling its way into Gold Reef City’s Theme Park, the brand new Golden Wave ride is scheduled to make its grand arrival at Jozi’s most popular award-winning entertainment destination in the south in September 2016.


Inspired by the popular carnival rides of the Victorian era the swivelling baskets and rotating arms will have children’s eyes to the skies as they pilot their own vintage hot-air balloons making it a delightful family attraction for both young and old.


The ride bears eight hot-air balloons and each one holds four little passengers. When the balloons take off, the ride begins to tilt and spin accompanied by beautiful music and a kaleidoscope of bright colours and flashing lights. In motion, the quick revolving movement of the balloons give passengers the sensation of riding a “Wave”.


“One of the most thrilling aspects of this ride is that children can spin the baskets as the ride is in motion.. The Golden Wave will have our younger theme park enthusiasts flocking to it with sheer joy,” says Gareth Kaschula, Marketing Manager at Gold Reef City.

Gold Reef City Theme Park has a brand new Kiddies Ride

Like warm sunny days and golden rays of light, the Golden Wave is set to become one of the most popular kiddies rides in the Gold Reef City theme park.


For more information, please visit www.tsogosun.com/gold-reef-city-casino.

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