One day your dog is leaping from pillar to post chasing his favourite toy, and the next he is lying lethargically on his bed not even giving it a second look. Your dog’s outside appearance may not always match his inside challenges. His immune system needs to be strong at all times to keep him chasing his favourite toy and knocking you over when he can’t contain his excitement to see you.

“A dog can’t tell you when he is feeling under the weather which means that he won’t act as though there is anything wrong. Only when he is really feeling down will he show you by not being his usual self. This is the effect of a weak immune system,” says Rita Fernandes, brand custodian at Pedigree®.

A dog’s immune system can be weakened in the following ways:

  1. Stress – when your dog is under stress this can greatly compromise his immune system. Stress can be caused by abuse, a traumatic incident, or even something small such as the neighbour’s child shouting while playing in the garden next door. It depends on the dog, but when your dog is under stress his immune system takes a knock.
  2. Lack of exercise – dogs need to run. A lazy dog is an unhealthy dog. Not all dogs can go for a 5km run with you, and the amount of exercise is relative to the breed of dog, but sometimes playing catch for 1Ž2 an hour is more than enough to get his blood pumping, lighten his mood and strengthen his immune system.
  3. Poor diet – when your dog is not getting the required nutrients and minerals he needs to fight off viruses and bacteria, his weakening immune system will be taking you straight to the vet. Your dog’s food is not only there to fill his tummy, but to give him the vitamins he needs to stay and feel healthy. Pedigree® dog food recipes contain a unique blend of antioxidants including Vitamin E and C which are necessary in your dog’s diet to help promote a healthy immune system, and help to avoid any problems with his health in the future.

“As a company that is as passionate about your dog’s health as you are, we are continuously researching new ways that will help your dog lead a happy and healthy life,” says Fernandes.

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