Hints and tips to keep in mind this festive season to help polish your photography skills

13 December 2011 – This Christmas, Epson has created a quick-fire guide that provides you with hints and tips on how to create a great collection of photos. Using a mix of Epson’s Claria Photographic Ink, its latest home inkjet printers and photographic paper and these suggestions,, anyone can create their very own better-than-lab-quality Christmas album that will last for generations to come.

1. Take lots of photos throughout the day.You’ll be surprised how one spontaneous photo can sum up the magic of the day so much better than posed photos do – and there’s not the stress of organising everyone into the ‘perfect’ position.
2. Experiment with outdoor scenes, night photos and close-ups. A close-up shot of a shiny Christmas tree decoration with family members in the reflection can add a great creative spin on a traditional photo opportunity.
3. Order the family in size for family portrait. Remember school photos? Shortest at the front, tallest at the back and nobody gets cut out.
4. Stock up on batteries/memory cards/inks/paper. You don’t want to miss a one-off photo opportunity just because that picture of your Christmas cake took the last space on your memory card – and you don’t want to run out of ink or paper in the middle of creating an album.
5. Plan your day. Create a list of ideal photos you know you want to capture: Christmas dinner, the whole family standing in front of the tree, even relatives falling asleep post-Christmas dinner.
6. Un-plan your day. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your schedule and don’t worry if you miss opportunities. It’s Christmas! Rules go out the window at this time of year.
7. Frame your photos. Get creative and use objects in the foreground and background to frame your subjects within your photographs.
8. Colour scheme. Create a colour scheme for a few photos with warm greens and reds of the festive season.
9. Take advantage. Most cameras these days have various exposure modes, so experiment with different ones for a creative twist on conventional. How about a sepia filter for a romantic Christmas moment, or even printing in black and white for a stylish twist on the festivities?
10.The calm before the storm. Before the chaos of the day begins, take a few photos that document all your hard work. A quick photo of the Christmas table decorations before you all settle down to eat will make an interesting image, especially when accompanied with those taken during the meal.

Epson hopes you find these tips useful and would like to wish all its customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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