The school holidays can be lots of fun, especially if you head off on a family vacation. But, that’s not always possible. In South Africa the winter June/July school holidays are the longest.


Winter holidays mean a lot of relaxing, movies and indoor activities but this also means your home can take a beating. You can only build so many ambitious blanket forts or host a certain number of sleepovers before some piece (or pieces) of furniture is torn, stained or broken.


If you’ve spent the recent winter holidays and preceding ones, watching your home fall apart by the hands of your little ones then now is the time to learn how to take precautions.



Ruined furniture is the plight of many a parent. Having kids in the house usually means that you need to simply accept that your furniture will suffer. Or, you need to try and prevent them from going anywhere near your furniture at all. That might sound like wishful thinking but you can protect the likes of your lounge suites and armchairs. You should coat your furniture in a stain and water repellant such as Scotch Guard. This means they become easy to clean and no permanent damage is done if something is spilt. Alternatively, you can buy them their own couch. You should probably look to purchasing a second-hand couch for them to play on. Even better, purchase a sleeper couch in the anticipation of sleepover dates.



There are no two ways about it, you need to include plastic crockery for your children and their friends to use. Otherwise you are going to find yourself immensely frustrated with the amount of broken glasses and plates you begin collecting. Also, stack your glass home decor pieces, ornaments and the like, high and away from curious little hands. Considering how boisterous kids are this too protects your valuables from being knocked over when they’re playing inside. What’s more, don’t buy toys or room decor for your children that you’re precious about. If you’ve bought them a collectable item from your trip overseas that looks gorgeous on their bookshelf, pack it away when they’re spending days playing in their rooms or you’re hosting a playdate.



Luckily in South Africa our winters are not that severe and a sunny day comes along every now and then. If your kids are itching to get outside to play in the puddles and run around with your pets then have a collection of old clothes stored for this particular occasion. Therefore, if they ruin their old pair of track pants you won’t be upset and you won’t feel like you need to rush out to buy a new wardrobe for them. Also, if your gorgeous wooden garden furniture and stone sculptures are in the danger zone then move them away from the playing, running, jumping area or get protective covers for them. In this way, they’re kept contained. They will be less enticing to play on.

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