1. Use nature-inspired murals and artwork to create the illusion of the outdoors inside. Choose artwork or photographs with depth to draw you in and calm you.
  2. Open up windows and doors to let in as much natural light as possible. Choose to install shutters to help direct the light into the indoor space in a way that appreciates the different colours and intensity of the light, from sunrise to sunset, from gentle to bright
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  1. Use natural materials for flooring, furnishing and accessories such as wood, coir, wicker, bamboo etc.
  2. “Maximise your view. Whether it’s a beautiful garden, the sea, mountains or blue sky, make sure to make the most of what’s beyond your windows and doors,” suggests Karina. “Bi-fold or by-pass shutters stack away to either one or both sides of an opening to reveal the view in full picture.”
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  4. Delight your senses with the sounds and scents of nature. Burn incense to remind yourself of a pine forest, or a floral-filled garden. Fill your home with fresh flowers and use a water-feature to take you to the trickle of a stream.
  5. There is nothing more invigorating than crisp, clean fresh air. Shutters are ideal for ventilation control; with the opening and closing of louvres and or the shutters, you can naturally warm or cool your indoor space.


  1. Decorate and furnish your home with elements of nature. Shells, pinecones, twigs, seeds, dried flowers or pebbles, the options are endless and all create a space that reminds of the natural beauty of nature.
  2. Use patterns and designs inspired by our natural world to decorate every room in your home, from cushions to ceramics, from ornaments and sculptures to fabrics.
  1. Nothing brings nature in as effectively as a seamless outdoor-indoor flow. Opening up a room onto a patio or garden melts the boundaries of the interior and exterior and extends the space and the style of the room. “Shutters are ideal for installation on all windows and doors, especially when merging the outdoors with the interior of a home,” says Karina. “Perfect for our South African lifestyle.”

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  1. Perhaps the best way to show respect for nature in your home is to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. “AMERICAN shutters’ Aluminium Security Shutters are made of 100% recyclable powder-coated aluminium and our Decowood shutters range is manufactured from advanced wood-composite, one of the most eco-friendly materials available,” says Karina.

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Suitable for interior and exterior installation, Aluminium Security Shutters are maintenance-free and durable in South Africa’s harsh weather conditions. Their versatility, style and strength make them perfect for installation on all doorways leading to the outdoor areas of the home. The adjustable louvres and the various designs – hinged, bi-fold or by-pass – make them exceptionally effective in controlling light and ventilation; protecting from sun, wind and rain when needed.

The reinforced steel rods running though the core of each louvre and extending into the stiles, the spring loaded bolt system and key locks on either or both the top and bottom positions of the shutters provide a robust framework and formidable security barrier, protecting your home and your family.

AMERICAN shutters’ Aluminium Security Shutters come in five standard finishes including a choice of 4 ‘wood grains’ – walnut, cherry, old oak and mahogany and end caps on stiles and louvres are colour coded to match.

“Considered a permanent fixture, Aluminium Shutters add value, style and security to any home,” concludes Karina.

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