We’ve been spending a lot more time indoors, fantasising about those late-night get-togethers and road trips with the kids. But alas, these plans have been placed on hold. With so many people now packed into one living space, how do we safeguard our loved ones against bacteria that might be floating around the air? We don’t even notice the pollutants when we are working, playing or passing the time in front of the TV, making it even more vital to sort out your indoor air. 

Going green

Spruce up your workspace décor with household plants. Not only will it make the room look more aesthetic, but several types of plants (including Devil’s IvyDwarf Date Palmand Peace Lily to name a few) help filter out common volatile organic compounds and purify the air.

The calming effect of essential oils and candles

Don’t knock it until you have tried it! Oil diffusers and candles infused with tea tree oil have natural anti-bacterial, purifying properties, whereas eucalyptus, clove and rosemary oils help reduce the number of dust mites in the air. Pop either an oil diffuser or a scented candle next to your workstation and reap the rewards of cleaner, purer air while you get on with your workday.

Turn the AC up even higher

A central air conditioner is your first-class ticket to cleaner air. Because the filtration system pulls air out of your house, cools and pumps it back, it traps the bad and releases all the good back into your home. 

The LG Artcool Airconditioner is an exceptional example of this. Not only is it a beautiful device, it saves up to 60% more energy and cools 30% faster. Thanks to the Inverter Compressor, air is expelled farther, faster and quieter, eliminating harmful substances and odours surrounding the unit.


Its unique skew fan then allows for smooth operation and low sound levels – perfect for when you need to put your head down and work, or during an online business meeting. To add to this, LG’s Ioniser technology has been proven to sterilise over 99% of adhering bacteria within 60 minutes. 

The device is also expertly equipped to connect to LG’s exclusive home appliances control app where users can control functions and monitor diagnostics. LG’s Smart Diagnosis allows users to conveniently check setup, installation, troubleshooting and other information, directly from a smartphone.

With most people working from home nowadays, it is even more difficult to maintain a clean and safe environment. Yet, with a few easy solutions everyone in the household can benefit from cleaner, fresher air and breathe in a deep sigh of relief.

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