I met the South African team all within a week of each other. It kind of felt too good to be true so I was expecting the next person I met to deflate my bubble of awe around their service levels, but I am yet to have this happen.


Embarking on a once in a lifetime renovation, the kitchen is a large part of making the dream my family have had for our dream home come true. This led to many weekend adventures trawling through the showrooms, (those that stayed open on weekends that is). Often we found ourselves frustrated.


It was pure chance that we walked through the doors of SCHMIDT Kitchens. It just felt different and with a friendly welcome and introduction to the company, by the receptionist, we discovered why. It is an imported top of the range quality product. Our first instinct reaction was to feel a little trapped. Both my husband and I wanted to turn on our heels and run. A world-renowned European quality would mean it was way out of our budget.


Lets face it, budget is always an issue when building. The unobtrusive helpfulness of the SCHMIDT representative led us to indulge our senses and explore the showroom. She left us in peace, so we didn’t feel the usual sales pressure, which left us to ooh and aaahhh in whispers as we opened the doors with their soft touch mechanism and the overall aesthetic and functional experience of the demo space was absorbed. Every last detail was pure perfection. It works, in every way. From design to special usage, to functionality, to finishes, even lighting.


On exit, I couldn’t help but put my details down for a complimentary design consultation and bravely put down my honest budget of what we actually wanted to spend on the kitchen. To my enormous surprise the cheery representative’s smile never froze into its place, but instead she said, “no problem, we always work towards the clients budget and we look forward to designing a dream kitchen for you to consider”.


I fell in love with Schmidt right there and then. Any girl loves the idea that she is enough, and in this case it was my pretty average budget. I took the leap of faith and spent 2 hours with an extraordinary personality. The SCHMIDT designer, Schalk came with amazing creative experience as well as an engineering background, so the consult process was very balanced and overall I got to give my creative ideas and relay it into his software which gave an instant concept which I could then play with colours etc.


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Address: Unit 7, Highway Park, Gold Street, Northgate Estate, Cape Town, 7405, South Africa

Phone: +27 21 510 2404





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