Embarking on a dream renovation or build of a house is a very exciting time. It is where aspirations and dreams for a place that essentially is the heartbeat of the family live. Nesting for a woman is about serving her family, and an expression and extension of the things that inspire, connect and reflect her life.


Embarking on this adventure brings with it the stress and chaos of finding the right suppliers and products that will do justice to an investment that is both emotional and monetary.


Building my first home 15 years ago, the end result was beautiful and has served my family well, but many a mistake was made. As I embark on now renovating this house I am determined to not compromise on any aspect big or small. I am older and wiser, clearer on the things that are important to me and having lived in the space raising 3 children and all that goes with a life of two entrepreneurs and their aspirations of living their best life, as we all do, I have a vision for my home that makes my heart sing.


Ready Steady Go!


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