The range of products and furniture now available to parents and kids for decorating a room for those aged between 5 and tween goes beyond style and provides extreme ease of use and has timeless design – the hallmark of something that’s truly, loveably modern. For many companies, like Ikea (UK) and Miguel (US), and others, designing for babies means designing for kids, and their furniture literally grows with the little ones. The Miguel Cassandra crib comes with soft, stain, odour and bacteria resistant fabrics that will remain clean even as the child grows and the crib becomes a bed. Ikea models its new design for children’s furniture on a very casual, almost cartoon-like style.

With such straightforward solutions in cutting-edge style, its no wonder that modern is becoming a major category for designers of children’s furniture.

Here in South Africa we may be behind the latest designs being offered for sale, but products are still practical and modern in design.

Whatever style you choose for a child’s bedroom it should be quality pieces that will ensure. Shop around for the best quality at affordable prices that will co-ordinate with the look or theme that you have in mind for the room.

The Right Lighting is Essential
Children undertake many tasks in their personal spaces: watching TV, playing computer or PlayStation games, chilling with friends, reading and study. All these activities need to be catered and planned for when it comes to lighting the room. Task lighting is the most essential light source after general lighting, and a pair of adjustable desk lamps is perfect for most tasks.

The Psychology of Colour
There has been plenty of research undertaken to show how colour affects our mood, our emotions and our general wellbeing. Get a feel for what colours your child likes. If they are fairly young show them a box of crayons and let them pick out their favourite colours and use those colours as inspiration for the child’s room decor. The older child or children can easily tell you what colours they prefer. Don’t force your style or colour likes and dislikes on your children. Despite their young age they are developing their own individual personality and their rooms are an extension of it. (Of course if they insist on all black walls and Marilyn Manson posters, it’s reasonable to say No). The lesson here is to set limits but also to give your child room to create their special place in the home.

If you are finding it extremely difficult to decide on a particular colour, paint the room white and add one feature wall in a bold colour, or add bright, bold artwork, murals and graphic stickers (Smart Art), rugs and accessories to add ‘pops’ of colour to the room. This is the perfect way to decorate for those in a rental home – you never have to worry about repainting the walls to cover bright colours!

Image Credits: Ikea

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