With the acceptance and celebration of motherhood as an integral part of modern life, maternity labels in the US and Europe stepped up their game in the 90’s and started reinventing their collections for a new generation of pregnant women. South African designers and department stores are following this development keenly and Meteor Rose is one label that has risen to successfully fill this niche with a gorgeous, affordable range of fashionable and flattering maternity essentials, which reflect the best in international trends.


The current celebrity culture has definitely helped change attitudes. With a whole host of celebrity mums-to-be appearing on television or looking stylish and striking on the red carpet, women have found the inspiration to embrace their changing bodies and adopt a more contemporary style of dress. A societal shift in the workplace has also contributed to this more modern trend. With professional women typically working until days before delivery, it is essential that maternity clothes complement their ever-demanding lifestyles of corporate and formal engagements and maintain confidence and self-esteem.

Fabrics are giving maternity wear a new vitality and longevity. Meteor Rose uses lycra-enriched and other stretch fabrics which feel fabulous and drape beautifully, celebrating the pregnant form and ensuring maximum comfort and versatility. They also anticipate and accommodate the growing bump, allowing mothers to mix and match a few key pieces throughout their pregnancy and beyond, up until they can slip back into their regular clothes.

The current baby doll fashions and more generously styled ‘normal’ clothes easily accommodate the early months of pregnancy. But from 5 months onwards, women need to rely on specialist lines that make the most of their new and changing silhouettes with flexible waistbands, sculpted cuts and gently rouched tops.

Meteor Roses 10 bump-friendly style tips to transform you into a yummy tummy

1. Choose clothes that make the most of your favourite features – your neckline, shoulders or legs.
2. Keep it simple with a few key pieces in great colours that can be combined for a number of different looks.
3. Black is always back. It’s a classic option and the ultimate in chic. It goes with everything, is perfect for work, casual or black tie and best of all, is always flattering!
4. Accessories are important for adding personality to your look and maintaining your signature style.
5. Fluid and luxurious fabrics are important for comfort and fit.
6. Fitted jackets lend sophistication to any outfit (even if the buttons don’t close!)
7. Layering pieces will individualise your style and cater for the demands of all seasons.
8. Invest in some tops with flared bodies for those days when you don’t want a snug fit.
9. Treat yourself to some feel-good pampering, be it a facial, manicure or pedicure or even a new hairdo.
10. Lastly, there are no rules! Experiment a little but most importantly wear clothes that make you feel fabulous

Source: Meteor Rose

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