Moving houses is a stressful business. Between packing everything up in time, making sure nothing is left behind, trying to sell the home items that won’t work in the new house and keeping the family in one piece by the end of it all – it’s exhausting.


Before the move

Before so much as a photo frame moves anywhere, there are a few details to sort out.

  • Measurements: You need to find time to make a trip to your new home and measure out the different dimension areas for kitchen appliances, curtains, desks, paintings, bookshelves and the works. Anything that doesn’t have a space or won’t fit, will need to be taken care of. You’ll end up saving yourself a lot of time, energy and money that way if you know from the word go what will and won’t fit in the new house.
  • Moving-day truck: Then you need to arrange with a moving truck and company for the actual day. Find out what services they can offer you on and before the day and you may be able to find some spare time to take a nap amongst all the chaos.
  • Fixer upper: You may be excited to be leaving your old home behind but, if you’ve signed it over to new owners, be the best previous owners and fix it up a little. When you take paintings and hooks off the walls, fix the holes, if your walls are stained or off-colour in places, paint a fresh coat. Do whatever you need to do to make the next family feel at home.


Packing essentials checklist

Now it’s time to get the packing tools and essentials ready and start the packing process.

  • Boxes: Organise your boxes by room, use and even down to the drawer if you want to be that specific. Make sure if you’re using old boxes that they will stay intact long enough for the trip. You don’t want anything to get damaged or lost because of a broken box.
  • Markers: Labelling is everything. It doesn’t help to have super organised boxes but forget what is where without it being labelled. You’ll be making your unpacking days a whole lot easier if you don’t have to open every box to then realise what’s inside still isn’t what you’re looking for. And when you label, be specific. Use it as a way to keep an inventory on exactly how much of everything is inside each box.
  • Bubble wrap: You can bubble wrap your super fragile items, but you’re likely to use it more for your appliances, furniture and lounge suites to make sure nothing is damaged or dirtied as it’s moved and tightly packed in a moving truck.
  • Newspaper: for kitchenware, crockery and cutlery, you can just use newspaper as a protective layer.

And other small items include scissors and duct tape to keep boxes together and cut the necessary lengths of bubble wrap and newspaper.


Classifieds for home items

When you’ve done the measurements for the new home and packed everything that you will be taking with you, it’s time to start saying goodbye to the home items you’ll be selling. If you can start the selling process as early as possible, it will save you the stress of having to worry about whether you’ll manage to get rid of everything in time for the move.

For that reason, a good idea would be to make use of online classifieds and platforms such as buy/sell groups on Facebook and direct your adverts to serious buyers only. Then, during the weeks you’re still getting the house ready and packing up, people can come by and buy whatever it is you’re selling. You don’t have to waste time leaving the home or spending huge amounts of money advertising a garage sale. Just quick, easy, no-fuss classifieds for people who know what they’re looking for.

And if there are still some items left over, turn to family and friends that have maybe had their eye on a certain household item and give it to them, or donate what’s left to charity.



Moving day can be a mess with directing movers on where things need to go to make sure nothing gets damaged as it moves inside and around the house and trying to keep tabs on what still needs to be moved. So, it’s important that your family comes together as a team and everyone is assigned to certain duties. And if you have little ones running around, rope in the grandparents and sort out some babysitters. The last thing you need to be stressing about on moving day is the whereabouts and safety of your little ones.

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