We all know that it’s a good idea to have a small first aid kit in our cars, in case of an accident or small medical emergency, right? This should include surgical gloves, disinfectant, plasters, bandages, Burnshield and plasters at the very least – or you could buy a ready-made one at your local pharmacy or supermarket.
We also know that it’s a good idea to keep a tow-rope and a set of jumper-cables in the boot, in case of a breakdown or flat battery…
But what about other emergencies – the kinds of emergencies that women (and moms in particular) encounter every day? Imperial Auto has some great ideas for a Ladies’ Smart Box to keep in the boot of your car, to keep you prepared for the unexpected curved balls that daily life sends your way.
Purchase these items, and keep them in an airtight plastic dish in your boot, where it won’t move around on your daily driving excursions
A small penknife or multi-tool
You can buy a small penknife or multi-tool from most hardware or camping stores. Look for one that’s got a sharp knife, a flat and a star screwdriver, pliers, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. You’ll always have the tool you need to open tricky packaging on the go, or to settle down for a spontaneous picnic.
Disposable knife, fork and spoon
Speaking of spontaneous picnics, include a set of disposable utensils in your kit.
A small re-sealable pack of wet-wipes.
Wet wipes are not just for babies – they’re for everyone! They’re great for wiping your hands after you’ve had to change a tyre in an emergency, or for wiping your child’s face after an ice-cream incident… not to mention clearing the ice cream accident off your leather seats, if you’re not close to a car wash.
R200 in a cash-stash
Even though electronic payment cards are accepted just about everywhere in South Africa, you never know when you might need cash… that one time you left your wallet at home by mistake, and only realised when you got to the petrol station with an empty tank, for example. Put a R200 note in a cash-stash use it for such emergencies. And no, a doughnut or a bottle of wine is not an emergency!
An emergency cell-phone battery charger
If you don’t have a charger connected to your cigarette lighter, invest in an emergency phone battery recharger, and keep it in your kit. Phone batteries run out at the most inconvenient of times, and you don’t want to end up stuck at the side of the road, with no way to call for help or to communicate your location. Don’t forget to recharge it from time to time though!
A small battery-less torch
Look out for a compact kinetic torch that doesn’t require any batteries. It will give you enough light in a night-time emergency situation, whether it’s to attract attention or to light your way to your door if there’s a power failure when you get home.
A travel-size pamper pack
Even if you’re always perfectly groomed, there’s sure to be a windy or rainy day or a last-minute dinner date that’s going to pop up – and you’re going to want to freshen up. Include a travel brush or comb, deodorant, a nail file, and anything else that will restore you to your natural glory!
A snack pack
A day of back-to-back meetings compounded by traffic disasters is going to leave you without time to have lunch – an important meal to keep your energy levels up on a busy day. Buy a few small packs of non-perishable snacks like nuts or energy bars and a sealed bottle of water, and keep them in your emergency box. Don’t forget to replenish when you’ve eaten some of them though!
A roll of duct tape
Because duct tape can fix almost everything…
Now that you’re properly equipped to overcome any emergency with aplomb, remember – safer roads start with you: take the I-Pledge at www.ipledge.co.za

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