Congratulations, you’re about to become a parent. And as scary and exciting as that is, it’s time to start preparing the house for the little one. Okay, so you maybe have a good few months to get everything sorted, but aren’t you just so excited to get started? The sooner this is out of the way, the sooner you can start looking for an adorable “coming home” outfit and trust that this is a tough task because everything in miniature size is super adorable!


Baby’s room

It’s time to clear out the spare room and repurpose it for the new arrival. Despite them sleeping in their crib in your room for a while as you get used to feeding times and routines, they will need their own room. You really don’t want to be changing diapers in your own room – ask any parent.

Make sure you do all the painting, drilling and DIY construction projects well in advance. Paint needs to be dry, room aired out and completely cleaned and dust-free.

So, some obvious things to have in the baby’s room are a crib, a changing table, a diaper bin, a baby monitor, and a teddy bear (yes, you have to have a teddy bear). If you think your arms are strong and you can rock a child for 3 hours to get them to sleep (and stay asleep), think again. Do yourself a favor and get a rocking chair to put in the baby’s room. Don’t underestimate the workout of caring for a baby.


Baby organising 101

A few tips for organising all things baby, include washing all the baby clothes before you play dress up, stock up on nappies way in advance, organise your changing table to accommodate a change mat, nappies (of course), wipes, powder and creams, and make sure you have your overnight bag packed and ready as well for the big day.

Be prepared to be unprepared, even after all this preparation. It may not make sense now, but in a few months time you’ll understand.


Baby proofing

You may be thinking surely it’s a bit early to start baby proofing the house? Think again. Yes it is early and your baby can barely open their eyes properly, but you blink twice and before you know it, they’ll be crawling around the house, grabbing and pulling on anything in their reach and you’ll find yourself working overtime to baby proof the house while they take their afternoon naps. Just do the essentials and have the child locks ready, but install them later on when your baby starts to wander the halls.

Start with an overall evaluation of the safety of your home. Then cover your electrical outlets, move your cleaning supplies from below to above the belt and out of immediate reach of your baby. The same goes for every bottom drawer in the house – what’s in there and does it need to be moved? Or even locked? Then go around and fasten heavy (but unstable) objects in place to prevent them from falling over onto your baby. It’s also a great idea to add cushioned corner covers to your tables and edges and finger-pinch guards on all the doors. We like our babies to have all 10 fingers and toes.  



If you haven’t got around to spring cleaning the past two years, then now is the time. The entire house, from top to bottom, needs to be vacuumed, dusted, polished, sealed, you name it. Just be aware of the cleaning products you use and keep it as natural as possible. It’s also a good time to get rid of any unnecessary clutter around the house – you’ll have enough baby things to take over the clutter department soon.

Then, about a week before the baby arrives, clean again and sterilize everything that can be sterilised. Make sure the baby room is circulating clean air and no strong chemicals are fuming around the house.


For the parents

Now it’s time to take care of the parents for a moment.

If this is your first child, you can make sure you read all the parenting books available to you, but you’ll find more solace in experienced parents. They will be able to give you the lowdown on what you can really expect and how they managed to deal with it. Chances are you’ll end up finding your own routine and way of handling things, but while you’re still expecting, it will ease your nerves a little.

Your bedroom will likely be shared with the little angel in the beginning and you’re also likely not to get much sleep. But for the sleep you do get, make sure you’re comfortable. Buy some new pillows and soft duvet covers to accommodate your tired bodies.


Enjoy the journey of parenthood.

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