Two rooms in a home that will always be a great investment when renovating, will be your kitchen and bathroom. Therefore it’s important that when working on these areas that the time is well spent on the planning of the layout and selection of your finishes. With bathrooms I love to use the contemporary products and finishes, but I also love bringing in an item here and there that gives it character and that can throw it a bit ‘off the wall’ which gives it a great feel and mix.

Planning your layout:

Be realistic about the space or area that is available to you, and in co-ordination with your fittings measurements, ie: Bath size vs floor space. You don’t want to install a bath that takes up the whole area.
Measure all your walls, heights and widths.

Measure your floor space.

Take note of where your plumbing and electrical points are. You can save money by just replacing fittings instead of having a plumber; electrician and builder to chop and change points.
Go contemporary with your loo by having a ledge built. This ledge will house your giberit system and flush pad therefore only having your loo visible. By doing this you add a slick contemporary look.

Mirror the wall from the ledge, this will give the impression that your bathroom is bigger than what it seems.
For showers, the trend is still the ‘walk in showers ‘with frameless glass surrounds. Also ensure with your flooring in this area that there is a drainage slant to prevent water coming out of the shower area and ensuring that the water drains to the waste.

Floors & Walls:

Personally, I hate the idea of fully tiling a floor and a wall to the ceiling. There are so many finishes to choose from and I think it’s good to select a great finish, but to keep it simple.
Ideally use the same finish on the floor and wall, but only half way up on the wall.
Yes, you can do a floor finish only and just paint the walls.
Select something that is simple and plain, yet stylish and timeless.

Smart chic finishes:

There is a huge selection of Travertine; Marble which is an all time favourite of mine and porcelain tiles available to us on the mareket. Always select tiles that are nice and big, 500x500mm is the minimum size I would select. By doing this you create a full overall and even look.
Understated and earthy finishes: Quartz flooring which is seamless stone flooring. This beautiful for floor finish works well for those seaside homes. For an earthy screed look, Stucco Italiano offers a great product, which is a mix of cement base and plaster. I highly recommend this over any screed flooring as this does not crack as easily as normal plain screed. It can add to that contemporary and understated feel.

If you want to bring in wood floor finish, you can incorporate this into your shower area floor.
Mosaics are still on the market, the trick is too choose a good colour selection and size that does not make it look too “crafty”. Creating murals and patterns can be created with a mosaic selection, especially if you want that uber funky feature wall.

Wallpaper, I would only advise to use in guest loos due to the humidity from baths and showers.
Alternatively, have fun with a wall colour!


I predominantly always opt for the contemporary fittings, but one can always choose classic fittings and go contemporary on floors and light fittings.
Follow your style through with your selection, ie: bath; taps and drainage and bathroom accessories, ie: towel rails to be the same style.
New contemporary fittings do not always mean overpriced. So definitely take your time and shop around.
Measure all your fittings to ensure that it is in fitting with your floor plan.
Baths and Basins are becoming really fun and trendy; therefore you can make 1 or both your focal points in your bathroom.
Do a bath test, as strange as it sounds sit in it to ensure it’s comfortable and easy to get out of.

For vanities, if you are going contemporary opt for a floating vanity that either has the basin built in or placed on top.
If you want a more classic look, I love the vibe of taking an Old French Commode and installing a basin on top. Add a marble counter top for added luxury.
Mirror mirror on the wall! Mirrors can be installed wall to wall which gives the impression of a bigger area. Lighting has also been introduced within mirrors, which is great when applying your makeup. You can also get creative with your designs for mirrors.

Mix and match have contemporary fittings; then a classic chandelier; add a mirror with a beautiful frame.
Electrical towel rails have become a must in any bathroom renovation. Ensure you purchase a workable size for you and your towels. Install this closest to your shower or bath that is reachable and also not too high.


Simple down lights always work well, but ensure that it can be used in a bathroom. Most down lights can be used, but always advisable to double check.
If you want to add something fun and romantic, introduce a Chandelier as a feature light.
Mirrors are now on the market with built in lights.


Have fun with your accessories; bring in a piece or two that tell its own story. Whether it’s vintage or even in a bright colour.
Add some fun art work; but make sure it’s protected with glass (steam from the baths & showers)
When installing your bathroom accessories (toilet rolls; towels), prepare the spots as if you were getting out the bath or the shower. By doing this exercise you avoid them been installed in an awkward position.

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