1. Have a vision board

Pinterest is my go to place for ideas and inspiration. You can create a board for each area of interest and type in search words for the things you are looking for. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can also upload any other photos you find onto pinterest from suppliers and pin from websites directly into your Pinterest Profile. I keep all my photos in this space as my Vision board, which I re-visit and share when making decisions.


Investigate and research

You can never do enough research. I like to start with google and surf the different websites of suppliers for orientation. Of course include the social media ports; HOUZZ, not South African but a firm favourite, is great for reading up on international trends and has some great photo sets. Check www.sadecor.co.za for my go to local info hub, run by an amazing woman, Marcia Margolius, who knows the SA market backwards, she releases a comprehensive annual guide to interior design & decor directory of suppliers in South Africa, a worth while must!


  1. Do the circuit!

In the building industry I find the circuit quite small, most of the suppliers congregate in the same areas regionally. Meeting face to face with the different suppliers will influence who you want put on your preferred supplier list. Product range, service, price, personal style.


  1. Phone a friend

Working with people who come with high references form people you trust, is often the way to go. Promises made in marketing pitches aren’t always a reality, but word of mouth from tried and tested sources don’t lie.


  1. Leap of faith

In complete contradiction to the above sentence, take a chance on some of the unknown gems you may discover along the way.


  1. Don’t settle

For me its quite simple, I don’t care how famous, what awards, who bought from who etc, if the service levels that go with the product are not a match to my needs, they come off my list. Service is king, people who want the business.

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