Even though the first day of school was shifted out to later than usual, school washing was not cancelled, just simply delayed. And, whether your children are attending classes at school, or online, school uniform laundry always tends to pile up.

“Looking your best for school, whether behind your device or sitting in your classroom is always a must. However, no matter how clean and pristine your children may appear when they start the school day, the chances are that is not how they will return, but we all know this means it was a good day,” comments Sarah Webb, brand manager for laundry brand Personal Touch. “Having schools start a little later, gave us time to get uniforms ready and to plan for the return of large laundry loads.”

A school uniform is the one outfit your child wears that you would like to keep for as long as possible, but ironically it is also the outfit that your child wears the most. Continuous washing can cause unnecessary wear and tear, but there are ways to avoid this and have the uniform last longer:

  • When buying the uniform, look for items that have stain resistant claims giving the clothes a longer lifespan. If your child does get a stain, deal with it immediately to avoid it setting.
  • Always check the label. Different fabrics need different care and react differently when they are being washed, ironed or tumble dried.
  • Only if you need to, tumble dry. Drying clothes inside out on the washing line helps them to last longer.
  • Once your child has completed school, make sure that they take off their uniform as soon as they return home or shut off their devices. This will stop the clothes from enduring extra wear and tear throughout the day. 
  • Don’t leave a damp sport’s kit in a bag as mildew can develop and the odours will be hard to get rid of. Make sure to have your children always take their kit out when they get home and place them in the laundry basket. 
  • The products you use when washing your child’s school uniform also helps with the longevity of the garments. Personal Touch’s new Auto Washing Powder Sheets is not only innovative and the first of its kind in South Africa, but it also provides easy washing. “Leave maths at school, as figuring out how much to use is as simple as ½ a sheet = ½ a load, and 1 full sheet = 1 full load,” explains Webb. This innovative product is also effective in both hot and cold water resulting in ultra clean results, with no residue, while being tough on stains.  Plus, the Personal Touch Fabric Stain remover and the Personal Touch fabric softener and conditioner are the perfect uniform laundry companions when it comes to continuous loads of washing.  
  • Sometimes the longevity of school uniforms does not only have anything to do with washing, but also how well they are looked after. Be sure to label every piece of clothing, ensuring that they will be returned and not need to be replaced. 

School uniforms no longer need to be the bug bear of your washing day. Washing smartly, with products made to care for clothes, and according to what the clothes need helps to keep them in good condition and last longer. 

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