You know how kids are when confronted by new veggies, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is, “I don’t like it!”, to which most parents respond, “How do you know – you’ve never tried it?” The same applies for DIY and fixing things around the home. Many women have an inherent fear of power tools, it’s been handed down from generations long past – they believe that DIY is a man’s job. Well, that may have been the case ten years ago, but today power tools are designed with men and women in mind.

It’s never been easier for women to start doing-it-for-themselves!

Not only are power tools now ergonomically designed with women in mind, but new timber products are easier to use, fastenings have been designed for easy fitting, there is a wider range of finishing and paint techniques, all this added together and there is not reason why any woman can’t get into DIY.

But let’s not forget about that fear of power tools…

My advice to anyone interested in DIY is that practice makes perfect. I remember the first time I switched on an impact hammer… aaaaargh! But after a while I didn’t even notice the horrible screeching noise that happens when you drill into masonry. Whilst you need to handle tools with safety in mind, you can still play around and get used to using them. Play around with different materials and using your power tools. Even if your first projects are a disaster, you’ll eventually get the hang of it until it becomes second nature.

Come on sisters… Let’s start doing-it-for-ourselves!

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Janice Anderssen – the DIY Diva, founder and developer of

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