Celebrate this special occasion without all the stress; the mad rush; the kitsch ‘Boney M’ music and the “OTT” decorations. Let’s break away from the madness and turn this special occasion it into a fun; chilled; creative and personalised experience.

First, we need to keep in mind that we do live in Southern Africa, where we experience a Summer Christmas, and for this reason we should break away from the old traditional warm and hot colours, that are generally used for ‘White Christmas’ settings. Rather we should be inspired by our surroundings and move forward to something that is more suited to our climate and lifestyle. For this reason, I propose the theme of “metals” (silver; pewter; bronze & copper); white; touches of red and glass items for the trend of this years special occasion.

Grab your family and friends and get into the Merry vibe by making your own decorations for your home. These are always a winner, espcially when hanging off a real live Christmas Tree, layered with white lights! It just adds that extra sense of nostalgia to the merry season as well as that personal touch. Remember to choose a theme / colour scheme that is well suited to your home and your style, and “merrily” follow it through. My personal favourite theme is the “Rustic; shabby chic look”, this style is simple; always looks so stylish and is well suited Southern Africa!

Here are some fun Christmas decoration tips:

– Create light fixtures / chandeliers from old tree branches. Spray paint them in the “metal” of your choice ; add some ribbons; and christmas glass balls, and you will have your very own designer light.
– Collect pine cones that have fallen from the trees; spray paint them and hang them off your Christmas tree; display in a bowl or use them as simple table settings for a dinner party.
– Clear glass jars always make for great candle holders or rustic vases. Consol Glass offers a wide range of glass jars that can add to that fun setting.
– Wreaths on front doors, old fashioned but so welcoming!
– The plant for the season is Red Ponsettia, you can display this anywhere in your home, use for your table settings or even great for gifts.
– Gain inspiration from your food, for those summer luncheons or early dinners look to red apples; cranberries and berrys for decoration.

How to make your own Christmas Chandelier

You will need:

– A theme for your chandelier
– 1x Big branch with branches (when choosing your branch, hang it upside down to ensure that it will be a good size for your chandelier)
– Can of enamel spray paint in the colour of your choice
– 1x Light bulb and fitting (outdoor light bulb if it is for the outdoors)
– 1x Long electrical cable & plug
– Fabric ribbons cut each at 30cm length. Amount will be according to the number of branches off the stem.
– Decorations, a selection of 2 or 3 (crystals; beads; little gifts; shells anything that relates to your theme)
– 1x Cup hook


1. Take your branch and turn it upside down
2. Spray paint your branch in the enamel spray paint (in your colour choice). Spray paint all the branches.
3. Wire your bulb fitting as close to the apex / top of your branch (your branch must be upside down)
4. Add the long electrical cable / flax attach with plug so that you can plug this into a power point. (for added fun: you get cables in red, which will add a great touch to your fitting)
5. Then decorate your branch:
– Tie the long fabric ribbons to each of the branches
– Add a decoration to each ribbon (tie your decorations with your ribbons).
6. Screw the cup hook into your ceiling
7. Hang your chandelier from the cup hook.

Merry Christmas x

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Anna Correia
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