So here is this weeks top 10 tips for you to make Easter exciting with your kids.

  1. Make you own eggs.
    This is such a good way to get your kids creative juices flowing, and it saves money on buying eggspensive (sorry, I just could not resist) ones at the shops.
    Your kids can decorate them any which way they want with paint or crayons or even pictures that they glued on.
    For the eggs, you could either used boiled eggs, or you could hollow them out yourself by making a hole on each end of the egg and then blowing out all the yoke. You can then use the insides to make scrambled eggs for them for their lunch break.
  2. Egg hunt
    The egg hunt is always the most exciting part of Easter Sunday. Let your kids be fully involved with the planning and decorating of this event. Everything eggcept (I can’t stop myself) hiding the eggs of course
  3. Make invitations for friends and family
    Have your kids make the invitations themselves. This way they get to decide what they would like on the invites like if the party has a dress code, for which you could read the next item on the list.
  4. Bunny masks or hats.
    Bunny masks can be really easy and fun to make. You can use things in the house like paper plates and just glue on some ears and whiskers.
    For the hats, it could either be made from scratch using some card board or you can just take an old hat and have them decorate it to their hearts content.
  5. Make cookies
    Cooking with kids is always a fun activity for parents and kids alike. Easter cookies are also an alternative or accompaniment to having the chocolate eggs, but obviously never a replacement.
  6. Eggciting baskets. 
    If you have baskets lying around in the house, make sure that there are enough baskets for each child. You really don’t want to start a full blown crying tsunami for the one or two that never got a basket.
    As an alternative, you can use brown paper bags or the baskets can be made from scratch. This can either be done by you and your child before hand or it could be a fun activity for the kids to do before the hunt.
    For some added pleasure in the basket, you could also include a map for the kids to go on a treasure hunt to find a big box of Easter eggs. Imagine their excitement.
  7. Colour in the Easter Bunny
    Have your kids draw some cool pictures of what he or she thinks Easter is all about and then make photocopies of the drawing. These pictures can then be coloured in by them and their friends the day of the hunt.
    This should probably be done after the hunt because if they had to make their own baskets before this, they will be itching to find those Easter eggs by now.
  8. And the person with the most eggs is…
    After the hunt, have the person with the most eggs get a prize. To make matters not so bad for the others though, have small consolation prizes like giving the others marshmallow eggs and encouraging them all to share, especially the person that won.
  9. Let’s play dress up.
    With the kids all full of chocolate and eggcited (ok, I think I need help with this now) from the hunt, why don’t you do some dress up for the kids yourself. This way you could either play more games with the kids like hide and seek, or you could sit down with them and read them some stories. This would also be a nice time to tell them the Easter story.
  10. Capture those memories
    To have wonderful memories of this day, don’t forget to have your camera batteries charged. One can never get those unforgettable moments back once they’re gone, so have some pictures taken. You could also have the kids make their own frames for the pictures they would like displayed.
    (Just try not to let the picture of you dressed up as the Easter bunny end up on the office notice board.)

Happy Easter. I hope you and your family have a great time.



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