Cleaning is essential for multiple reasons. It helps to keep surfaces free from the viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. It also improves the quality of the air you breath, allows you to feel more comfortable and can reduce allergies. 

Keeps you healthy 

On a basic level, cleaning is essential for ensuring surfaces that you come into contact with on a daily basis are free from the germs that can make you and your family sick. A regular cleaning schedule helps to ensure that areas such as the bathroom and kitchen can serve their purposes without making you ill. Some pathogens live in these areas that can cause dangerous illnesses. Adhering to basic hygiene practices is essential for your wellbeing. Using detergents such as Domestos Thick Bleach and Sunlight Dishwashing liquid can help you to safeguard the fundamental health of you and your family. 

A clean home is also better for allergies such as hay fever and asthma because vacuuming and dusting help to improve the overall air quality of your home and mitigate health issues often associated with airborne allergies. 

It helps to keep stress levels down 

Spending time cleaning your home each day to maintain a clean and healthy environment can reduce stress. You may be wondering how adding a task to your daily schedule can help you to stress less. The truth is a clean and tidy environment means things are easier to find, items like dishes are more accessible when you need them, and you don’t have the stress of clutter continually hanging over you. 

You will ultimately spend less time cleaning

In the classic snowball analogy, regular cleaning can save you time in the long run, rather than allowing your cleaning responsibilities and actual filth to pile up. Opt for regular cleaning and tidying to help prevent the need for large scale action that is draining and often unproductive. Things like fresh sheets and a made bed have shown to help people sleep better too, which can help to alleviate the feeling of stress. 

Prevents pest infestations 

From ants and cockroaches to rats and mice, keeping a clean house helps to prevent unwanted guests from moving in. Mess, dirt and grime are like an invitation for pests to infest your home, so clean up messes and spills and keep clutter to a minimum to prevent unwanted visitors. 

For house cleaning tips to help you maintain your home, check out Cleanipedia. It’s a wealth of helpful information and easy to follow cleaning hacks for every occasion.  

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