My style is abstract with my preferred medium of choice being acrylic paint. Occasionally I will embark on an epoxy resin creation using resin inks; powders or other mediums to colour the resin.  However, I find the freedom and movement of acrylic paint allows me to create the movement, flow and effect I desire, especially on large canvases. My work often reflects my mood at the time of painting and this often dictates the colors I choose. White and metallic such as silver are definite firm favourites in my color pallet.


An ex-national swimmer and now an avid Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarder (when I get the time), I take a lot of inspiration from the ocean, its moods, the various life forms within it and the freedom and joy one experiences when in or near it. I’m fortunate to live right on the beach on the East Coast of South Africa, so when embarking on a new canvas, the ocean is often top of mind. Many of my paintings are named after sea creatures or sea life, or nature and I believe the beauty of my work is the intrigue it evokes within people. I may see and depict a sea creature, but someone else may see something totally different. My paintings definitely make for interesting conversation! And often debate.


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