Our ambassador Bruce Wade is the brain behind the Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy, a company focused on developing Entrepreneurs and Businesses by providing top quality services and tools to enable sustainable growth in business communities. Whilst finding out more about the Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy, we got Bruce to answer a few questions in order to find out his SPICE4LIFE and his secret superpowers.

What is your SPICE4LIFE? That thing that you live for? That you are passionate about? That excites and motivates you?

My SPICE4LIFE, the thing that I love to do, share, be is to help people who want to be helped and work with people who are more interested in contributing that receiving.

I was inspired to do what I do because it is so easy and energizing to work within my passion

I define success as seeing others succeed around me

My main contribution to the business is developing a strategy that harvests results in both footprint and profit

My best “switch-off” strategy is water. I love being in, under or around water. Sailing, surfing, swimming, scuba-diving all energize me back to normality.

The leadership qualities I most admire are humility and authenticity, can’t beat these.

The thing that gets me through the tough times prayer, support from others and my faith.

My life’s motto is kick-ass and have fun.

The thing I wish for the most is both mental and physical health till the end

Do you consider yourself a superhero? Yeah!


Well, we think that you MARVEL-lous! So….

If you could choose one person to call on when ‘in battle’, who would it be?
Michelle Korevaar

What was the toughest battle you ever had to overcome?
My divorce and the rough times before and after. I took a huge knock on all frontiers, but got up to fight for another day

When did you officially become a hero… when was your big break?
I remember when I was just 7 years old, I figured out a way to put my socks on in a way that no one else had done before. It was then that I realised that I was different and would do great things.

What does your super suit look like?
I hate clothes, so properly just some silvery jock-strap and one of those tin foil hats and a bag of jelly babies

What is your secret weapon that you save to help you against only the toughest of villains?
My super fast logic mind, cut throat wit and wicked sense of humour

If there was only one place in the world you could save, where would it be?
That little beach over the second rock at Boulders beach. One of the most beautiful places on the planet.

What do you do when you are not saving the world?
Read, red wine and lindt chocolate: in any order

If we had to repay you for saving the world, how would we celebrate?
Read, red wine and lindt chocolate: in any order

What is your ultimate superpower?
Logical Strategy leading to Wisdom

What is the “thing” that you think we need in order to save the world?
Ears, we need to start listening, real listening. Not just waiting for a chance to speak, but listen

My superhero mantra is:
“get up early fight the battles and rest well with loved ones, and red wine”


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