Dillip, a development professional and global speaker, has been relentlessly pursuing research and action research for upliftment of rural and isolated communities through various developmental activities promoting and disseminating affordable technologies. Dillip is Vice President of Women in Science and Engineering (WISE India) and Executive Director for Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association (OSVSWA).

We asked Dillip about his SPICE4LIFE:

What is your SPICE4LIFE? That thing that you live for? That you are passionate about? That excites and motivates you?
My spice of life is to be a catalyst in effecting changes howsoever small it may be to promote the overall wellbeing of the girl child in various fields especially in education and health. 

My SPICE4LIFE, the thing that I love to do, share, be…
I love to initiate and support an effective learning strategy that makes women be their own masters culminating in overall independence specially the vital, social and financial independence.

I was inspired to do what I do because …
I had seen less no of women in top position in any industry, sufferings of the girl child in the community and family where they had to face discrimination at all levels with their male siblings and seeing their helplessness.

I define success as follows …
Success to me means making someone smile with pride and self-respect.

My main contribution to the business is …
Strategic understanding of issues and effective solutions with inspiring energy and persistence

My best “switch-off” strategy is …
Going back to nature, inquire into self and transcendental meditation. 

The leadership qualities I most admire are …
Patience, ability to listen, scholarship, delegation, effective solutions and making new leaders.

The thing that gets me through the tough times….
is by understanding of the fact that tough time is always followed by peace and tranquility what is require is quite persistence in ones activities.

My life’s motto is …
Love every one, service to mankind, educate a girl child and get the entire generation enlightened.

The thing I wish for the most is …
to see that we eradicate poverty, more women in top position in industries, discriminations against girl child by providing them food, education and opportunities at their door step.

Do you consider yourself a superhero? Why/Why not?
Well, if I can bring smile on the face of every child, especially a girl child, I would consider myself a super hero, but the goal is far…….


Well, we think that you MARVEL-lous! So….

If you could choose one person to call on when ‘in battle’, who would it be?
Goutam Buddha ….

What was the toughest battle you ever had to overcome?
When I saw a mother was beating her small baby of 5-6 months while she was asking for breast milk and mother was unable to feed her. Because the entire village was waterlogged for more than 15 days due to continuous rain and flood in the area. 

When did you officially become a hero… when was your big break?
When I break the glass ceiling of women and girls and give them a platform to perform better.

What does your super suit look like?
Well, I guess it should be simple, comfortable with lots of pocket so that I can put all the problems in it.

What is your secret weapon that you save to help you against only the toughest of villains?
The secret weapon is to arouse the goodness in the villain because in this world of duality good and bad are complementary.

If there was only one place in the world you could save, where would it be?
Any place where I can see the children, especially the girl child remain in peace, knowledge and safety

What do you do when you are not saving the world?
I gather resource to facilitate my passion.

If we had to repay you for saving the world, how would we celebrate?
We celebrate by publishing the success stories of the girl children be it in sports, education, leadership, etc.

What is your ultimate superpower?
My ultimate super power is the ability to communicate and make a palpable change in seemingly impossible and hopeless situation.

What is the “thing” that you think we need in order to save the world?
We need to protect our environment, flora, fauna and our people.

My superhero mantra is…
Be a tathagat (another name of Buddha): thus came and thus gone and silently make a change for good

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Dillip have been involved with a no of national / international alliances related to skill up gradation of young women in science, engineering and mathematics in India for over 10 years. Subsequently, realizing the glaring gap in number of women engineers and scientists at top rung of bureaucracy in India, he along with his mentors has established Women in Science and Engineering (WISE India) with the sole objective to help women professionals in science, engineering and mathematics. WISE India carries out multifarious activities to promote the professions of science, engineering and mathematics amongst girls, and also to enhance the skills and knowledge level of working professionals helping them to perform better. He has also been a key member in initiating the Women in Science and Engineering in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka recently. He have been presenting the WISE India at various International Forums through the past several years.

Besides WISE India, Dillip has also associated with many national and international alliances, organizations, institutions and heading an NGO (Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association) that carried out many study research, projects and programs on gender equality and equity, basic education to rural women and girls, bridge the digital divide between women and girls in urban and rural India, empower and educate the women mass to advocate for their quality of life, women’s stake in infrastructure development and governance, health and hygiene education of women in India, etc.

He has been relentlessly pursuing research and action research for upliftment of rural and isolated communities through various developmental activities promoting and disseminating affordable technologies. Reiterating his commitment to ensure and enhance access to information, he has gathered a lot of experience at the grassroot level as well as a well recognition across globe.

Among other papers, Mr. Pattanaik has published a series of research papers and analytical reports in newsletter, journals i.e. The Social Impacts of Information Technology in Rural India, Engendering Knowledge Networks – Empowering Women through ICT, Study Report on Setup of Rural Information Centre in Remote Villages in Orissa, India, A Way Out of Isolating and Poverty, Integrated Rural Accessibility and Planning, Attention and Retention of Women in Engineering, etc.

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