Bushwise is pleased to announce the appointment of Vaughan Jessnitz as a FGASA Field Guide trainer who has been part of the tourism industry for the last 10 years, guiding and managing camps throughout South Africa, although focusing more on the Greater Kruger.

Alongside his career he is also involved in various conservation and research projects specializing in entomology and bio-diversity mapping throughout South Africa. In 2002 he was awarded the Derik Grey Award for his research project focusing on using certain species of butterflies and beetles as biological indicators, and represented South Africa at the SIIRS conferences in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Bushwise attracts the best talent South Africa offers and we are pleased Vaughn has joined our team,” explains Sophie Niemann, director of Bushwise. “Incorporating his knowledge gained through the research projects into his guiding has helped him bridge the gap between conservation and tourism, and allows him a unique platform to share and promote conservation values to both students and staff,” she added.

Since the conference in Sweden he has made many contributions towards insect research and has a deep passion for entomology. He is also a fanatical “lister”, and an avid bio-diversity explorer, photographing practically every creature found on his many field trips throughout South Africa.

Vaughan has FGASA Level 2, with full trails guiding qualifications. He also has a BSc in Life Sciences (Entomology & Ecology) and is currently working on obtaining his FGASA level 3.

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