Debourah Borg is an international speaker and author who specialises in color communications in both personal and corporate environments. Based in Brisbane Australia, Debourah travels extensively and is called upon to do radio and television interviews and is known by the media as “the color lady”.

She is also often called upon to be a keynote speaker at conferences and to do color workshops as well as one-on-one color consultations to individuals and leading corporations. She shows how to save time and money by harnessing this amazing tool called color.

Debourah’s famous quote is “color is a no cost item but get it wrong it will cost you”.

You only get one chance to create a great first impression – so make it count.

Debourah travels the world helping people just like you to achieve their goals and dreams through the power of color.

However, it didn’t use to be like that!

Debourah ran an okay color communication business, until one day she recognised that colors not only affect the way you feel about yourself but also how others feel about you!

Since then Debourah has used the psychology of color to help hundreds of individuals and businesses achieve success by showing them how to unlock the SECRETS of COLOR.

Her first published book  Orange Underpants – Your Key to Emotional Success  sold out within months to rave reviews.


“Hi my Name is Debourah Borg and I am an international speaker and author….I have a book Orange Underpants that has sold out and I have now updated into an e-book… if you check out any of my sites as a thank you ….tell me your favorite colour for you today and I will do a short colour reading for you in appreciation…

I am known by the media as The Colour Lady as I encourage people to wear orange underpants to de stress and get themselves a green wallet for wealth and abundance…I am on google if you put in any of those words or just my name Debourah Borg or Debourah Borg-Sayer…I was married and I now divorced….

I believe in living life to the full and having fun…to live your dreams now not later…I love people and love to be of service however there has to balance in that and that was my lesson to learn…so now I am free and I help others to attain the kind of freedom that first starts in your heart and then mind and then your physical body….

I have been on Radio and Televison many times sharing these ideas with others…as my dream is to make a difference in this world…that we are all here by choice…and our lives reflect those choices….if your life is serving you now then you have made choices that work for you if it is not…Time to make a different choice…..

I am on a spiritual journey right now of discovery and loving it….it has its challenges…but then with out the grain of sand in the oysters shell we wouldnt get the gift of the pearl….

I took a chance…and I gave away all I owned in the world in Australia including my beautiful porsche boxster who I called “Baby Porsche to my friend Casey cause he loved it so much and would look after her for me…. to experience Life and know the universe will provide and it has with my cash and travel business…I have been living off the rewards money and free travel for 2 years now…and I have a saying….that now I choose to LIVE simply but WELL!!! and I do!!!!

I encourage one and all to go for it and live Your dreams…because this is your life and how you choose to live it is up to YOU!

The one thing to remember and I tell this to all my clients…is Life is a Game and you are the player in your Life Game…We play interactive games with other players but one thing that stays constant in our game is US…the players change all the time…We ARE The Player…Our Choices either make our game rich and bring pleasure or pain this is your choice…..I focus on making my game rich…what about YOU!!!!

So if anything I said just now resonated with you then send me an email and lets chat….

Currently I am in Mexico translating my book into Spanish as well as my cash and travel club business….I plan to leave Mexico in Jan then go to London then Malta and then Dubai helping people in the cash and travel club…after that who knows….I am semi retired and open to what the universe guides me to do next… hobby cash and travel business fully supports my lifestyle and I am free to come and go as I please….

Who says you Cant Work and Play…cause I do…”

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