When an entrepreneurial strength reveals itself in a corporate environment, it would be foolish not to explore it. Dinah Mahlabegoane, WorldVentures Independent Representative found herself living beyond her means and drowning in debt after ten years in a corporate environment.


So many young business people find themselves in a situation where they have maxed out credit cards which they can’t really afford and with executive vehicles that challenge their monthly budgets leaving them anxious at the end of every month as debit orders attack the well-earned money in their bank accounts.


This is the situation that Dinah found herself in before she made the move from corporate to join direct sales company WorldVentures – one of the world’s largest sellers of travel club memberships.


Dinah had spent ten years of her working life dedicated to running the production arms of Multichoice and SABC. It was her responsibility to commission content for programs and as a result she found herself working with many young entrepreneurs assisting them with business plans and building sustainable businesses. This was the part of the job she enjoyed the most so when she was introduced to a direct sales opportunity where she could build up her own business while helping others with their entrepreneurial goals, she leapt at the chance to join WorldVentures.


Dinah spends her days introducing people to the world of travel. Dinah is passionate about travel and believes that travel is not a luxury but is possible for everyone. “Travel keeps you open-minded and equates to personal growth,” says Dinah. “Travel is possible and I want to expose as many families as possible to travel. I always remind people that you can’t buy back time so you must do all that you can to make memories as often as possible”.


Not everyone can leave their corporate positions and spend time on setting up a successful direct sales business. This takes time and there are bills to pay in the meantime. Her advice to others wanting to make the move is to look at your current situation, take your monthly expenses, the time you have available to work on a new business opportunity, the financial obligations you have and then to work on an exit strategy. This could take three, six or up to twelve months. “This should not discourage people from trying,” says Dinah, “the work you are putting in during those months leading up to you making the permanent move will be interesting as you’re learning about a new market and meeting new people and once you make the move, your business should be up and running and providing you with a fairly stable income. The few months of overlap will provide you with extra money to get ahead of any debts you might have. It’s a process, like with anything, and you need to trust the process.”


In starting the process Dinah encourages her the new business owners who join her to ask themselves: What is your Why? Perhaps your why is simply to add a small additional revenue stream to your existing income and it isn’t something you want to do on a permanent basis. Maybe you crave the flexibility that managing your own business affords you and you want to become a fulltime WorldVentures business owner. Maybe it’s about some additional income to put your children through varsity or see you through your retirement more comfortably. Your why is what will drive you to make this a successful journey.


Dinah’s why is for her lifestyle and for her children. The lifestyle perks that come with the business she has joined include travel opportunities for herself, her husband and most importantly her children and as mentioned, travel is incredibly important to Dinah. Her why also includes the flexibility in lifestyle and the time that it allows her to spend with her children and her husband. Dinah still has some ambitious career goals, she hopes to be the first woman to achieve top sales status within WorldVentures in South Africa. She wants to be seen as a role model to other women within the business but also to women across the African continent.

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