A normal day in my life: No “normal”, each day brings a surprise amidst the plans, the unexpected is expected. Begin the day with reading through Twitter, Huffington Post, listening to news on 2 different radio stations, and then doing my first social media posts. This is ongoing through the day. Off to gym and in my rooms to begin consulting by 10.30am. Consult through till 7pm. However in between sessions, there are business meetings , consulting to the media (print and radio) on stories they request my input, consulting with health care providers on patients, working with Moreeda, my PA/ office manager. Days include teaching at Medical School UCT, doing a TV shoot, radio show, public appearance or giving a public lecture. After dinner another 3 hours of work happen: researching, writing presentations and forensic reports, presenting presentations. The night ends with an hour of reading In bed – if Im not reviewing a film for a film festival and believe it or not I spend good quality time with my family, friends and get to see all the opera, symphonies and art movies my heart desires.

The special interests in my area of business/expertise are: Trending, incorporating all new innovations into my clinical work and business; grabbing opportunities and creating merges, mash ups and mix ups with people and businesses where I see a potentially mutual beneift. Networking, good old fashioned netwroking, both socially and professionally, I love the variety of different spaces I enter and am invited into.

What I love most about my field of interest is:The variety I have created- from a therapy room to a boardroom, to a radio/Tv studio, to an international scientific conference to the UN. My work has allowed me to be at the cutting edge in my continent and allows me to bring Africa into the international arena of sexual health. I can move around the world as I have made my work network friendly so I can do skype consults if Im out of the country and the rest gets done via social media and online. I love that I have been able to make a difference people’s lives through my activism and educational passion.

Some of the defining moments in my career have been: Many include my first radio show when the DR EVE brand was born, 18 years ago; my first article printed in the media; my first TV appearance; my first invitation to speak at an international conference, peer review an academic piece of research; be a co –chairperson for a world body that sets guidelines of practice; invitation to be a committee member on Sexual Rights Committee of World Association of Sexual Health; Director on board of ISSWSH (international Society for Womens Sexual Health) finalist in RBWAA ; Pica award for journalism; MTN award for best night time radio show; Doing my first paid gig in New York; visiting lecturer at Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey; My fist visit to the UN…



My family: 3 grown up children plus one beloved daughter- in- law, who all live in Cape Town, all impressive individuals who I admire and adore.

My hobbies and extra mural activities include: Music, lots of it- opera, classical and Leonard Cohen when I feel like feeling sombre. Nia dance technique.. aah sheer ecstasy .. gym, swimming in the ocean, reading, did I say reading?! Intensely joyful times with friends, people who are interesting and stimulating; art movies, and of course opera. My favorite hobby is New York, spend at least a month of the year there. I get all the above mentioned cravings met in this city plus shopping J I am dedicated to a healthy life style so prepare healthy meals and never drink alcohol, caffeine, nor meat.

It is important for me that my personal time includes: Alone time, need a lot of time alone to recover from intensity of work and responsibilities I carry plus to dream and plan. So I manage boundaries to allow me to enjoy all I love but need first and foremeost time alone. I need to travel, integrating business and perosnal pleasure; I need to have the stimulation of other cultures continuously.



I am inspired by sadness, grief and people’s amazing resilience especially in their intimate lives and relationships; by remarkable courage and remarkable creativity, by people who are excellent business people and work with integrity and a strong commitment to social responsibility built into their work.

My own grief and sadness offered me mentorship/a role model and taught/inspired/ connected me to my purpose.

The female role model who I believe inspires others in my field of interest is every woman who ever walks into my therapy room or a DR EVE forum.

The male role model who I believe inspires others in my field of interest is ditto.



My personal message to the world is: be an activist in your own home, your own community; become educated and skilled especially in financial literacy.. love a lot and have a lot of safer sex.

Mentorship is important to me because I dislike arrogance intensely and working alone is arrogant and stupid- mentoring and being mentored opens up windows for creative thinking and creating communities.

I believe support/giving back to the community is important because it is my intense commitment – whatever business one is in there should be social responsibility threaded throughout.



If you were to visit my city, I would personally recommend that you visit/see/do … get invited into personal homes of a variety of people and imbue yourself in the diversity of the city in this authentic manner.



The best piece of advice I ever received was “the sky is the limit “(my mother)

The secret to my success is Passion, focus, completion of tasks, open mind/open heart; evidence based knowledge, intense greed and curiosity about people and the world.

The literature that has influenced business includes those recommended by my business architect and other people I admire.

The literature that has influenced my life ranges from the classics (Tolstoy, Zweig) to modern day thinkers; novels, science, religion, philosophy, history and of course literature on music/opera.

My views on living a life of balance are No idea what that means .. I live in an integrated fashion – integrating all that I love – totally unbalanced!

To make our world a better place, I believe the key ingredient would be: be better people.


Full Name: Dr Marlene Wasserman

Website address: www.dreve.co.za

Affiliations /Member of Business &/or Women’s organization/s :

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