Driver: Dylan Cothill, Age: 24

Location: Cape Town, South Africa


Weapon of Choice: 1996 Nissan Silvia SR20DET – 400BHP



My name is Dylan Cothill and I have been drifting since 2007. I started out in the UK when I acquired my first Nissan 200sx S13 and took it along to a small practice day; I was addicted from that day on!

I have been through a few drift cars (all built and driven by myself) and recently decided I wanted to take drifting to a new level in the country I originated from, South Africa. So I packed up house, garage and the Silvia (which is the car I have settled on due to its incredible feedback and handling) and relocated back to Cape Town, South Africa to get started on my venture.

Don’t know what drifting is? Here is a good video to show you:

Drifting is not new to South Africa but is still in a developing and growing stage in South Africa with so much potential and it is my mission to help bring the level up to the standards accustomed to drivers in D1GP, Formula D, EDC, BDC, JDM All Stars, etc.

I have ventured into competition in the UK just before I left competing in the new grass roots level drifting competition called the UK Open Drift Championship where, for the two rounds I attended, I finished in the top 5 in my group.

I am the sole distributor for ROTA wheels South Africa and have great links in the motoring and motorsport industry in Cape Town and South Africa. I also run a small workshop that specialises in drifting.


The Weapon of Choice:

The car is a Japanese imported Nissan Silvia that is very close to completion, only requiring a few bits to achieve the 400BHP mark. It is currently running and setup as needed for higher level drifting running at around 280BHP.

The spec is unbelievable already and a lot of time and effort has gone into getting the car to the stage it is at, here is the spec:

Engine & Transmission:
– Replacement low mileage SR20DET
– Nistune Engine Management
– GT2871R Turbo
– 1 Bar Boost
– Japspeed Stainless manifold
– 3″ Stainless downpipe
– 3″ Apex De-Cat
– Braided Turbo Oil and Water lines
– Z32 Fuel Filter
– Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
– 3″ straight through exhaust system with 4.5″ tip
– HEL braided clutch line
– Sandwich plate for gauges
– ACT heavy duty paddle clutch
– Lightened Flywheel
– Short Shifter
– Auto (low ratio) VLSD Differential

Suspension & Wheels:
– 18″ x 9.5J ET12 Front ROTA GTR-D’s Rims Flat Black
– 225/40/18 Front Falken Tyres
– 18″ x 10J ET12 Rear ROTA GTR-D’s Rims Flat Black
– 235/40/18 Rear Falken Tyres
– Stiff shock and spring setup (rare Japan make Edusa) for drifting
– JIC Magic Adjustable castor arms
– HKS Camber adjustable top mounts
– Apex Adjustable camber arms
– Apex Adjustable toe arms
– Apex Adjustable traction arms
– All 3D aligned to my specifications
– Steering rack spacers for extra lock

– Full genuine Final Konnexion bodykit (Flat Black)
– Navan rear spoiler
– S14A rear lights
– Rolled arches
– ROTA Decals

– Sparco suede dished steering wheel
– Drift handbrake button
– Bride bucket seata
– 6 point roll cage
– Custom gauge surround
– Boost Gauge
– Oil Pressure Gauge
– Narrowband AFR Gauge

All that is needed to achieve the 400BHP mark is larger injectors, big Intercooler, larger Air Flow Meter and a re-map after upping the boost level. These are all being delivered, installed and tuned during the month of November.

The car is going through a full body over-haul and is therefore a blank canvas for your sign-writing.


Plans & Exposure:

  1. I intend to drift in the National Drift Series and SA’s premier drift competition known as SupaDrift, both that are very well covered in the Media in South Africa (SupaDrift get’s a regular time slot on one of the Super Sport TV channels).
  2. I have been invited by Cape Town’s drift exhibition team, Drift Squad, to do shows with them. The Drift Squad gets an immense amount of coverage and support for their shows. They are covered and sponsored by Grand West Casino, Triangle Tyres and much more. They have 18 shows that were booked for 2011. Their exposure has been independently estimated in the Millions of South African Rands.
  3. I have just done a feature in SA premier online car magazine RACEWEB as can be seen here:; and plan on getting into Speed and Sound when the car get’s it’s new look and livery at the end of the year in preparation for completion.
  4. I will be starting a Drift School at Killarney Race Track in Cape Town to bring more drivers to the track to test their skills at drifting without having to potentially risk their own car getting damaged. The course involves 4 levels that will introduce them to the fundamentals of drifting and competition. I plan to be supported by MSA and WPMC and am currently in the process of organising this. At the moment we have 2 E30 BMW’s ready to start training with and we are just in discussions with Killarney about the use of their track.
  5. The car and I are regularly invited to be on display at car shows and events and I intend on attending all car events to put the car on display when drifting is not on those days. The car is also road legal, driven daily and gets so much attention from all walks of life.
  6. I have a good following online through social networking and enthusiasts online forums with full build threads which shows every step in the development of the Silvia. These include Facebook, Zoopedup (South Africa’s largest car club), 200SX Owner’s forum, Driftworks (THE International web space for all things drift), Automodified, Boost SA, Drift SA, Kaihatsu Factory & ROTA Wheels SA (My company websites) and so much more. The car is currently known as the Kaihatsu Silvia, but I am open to rebranding for the right sponsorship deal.

In Short:

As with most motorsport, it isn’t cheap and following the amount of money I have put in so far, I am unable to afford the expense involved in competing on a national and international level. I am looking for a great company to represent for a cash injection for competitions, travel up north and equipment (of which I have most already).

In return I promise to give maximum exposure in all avenues: drift competitions, drift exhibitions, drift school, car shows, social networking and any other avenue open to me.

I look forward to hearing from you and representing your company in the exciting world of drifting.

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