Everything starts at home.

An anecdote that sprinkles light on the importance of parental guidance.


I watched them sitting in their own little bubble on the train on a Friday afternoon. A family picture.  The toddler was an animated doll, perfect ringlets of hair carelessly strewn as she giggled from the goofy expressions her father made. As the train made its regular stops, a variety of passengers careened through the train cars, scenery ever changing. Though the father and daughter noticed little, if anything. He stayed knelt in front of her, reading a picture book to his dazzled princess. The curious looks of bystanders observed the manners of the little girl. She was polite, kind, and warm hearted. They say the eyes of a person are a telling tale of the soul’s story. In her brown irises, I saw no pain. She was safe and loved.


I smiled. Who wouldn’t? The warmth of nurturing parenthood spreads. Gazing at the little girl, I effortlessly predicted a possible future for her. One where she would grow up and love others the way her father loves her. I saw her reading to her own children someday. indifferent to the mixed looks of passengers viewing her kneeling on a train reading to her children. As long her children felt her love, her care, her protectiveness, her promise to take of them, she would be happy. The way her father was raising her.


Everything we learn first is from our parents. The good and bad. This makes the value of parenting a priceless contribution to the future. The family unit is a powerful entity in a changing world where sometimes negativity takes the lead. Though goodness exists and it must be cherished and spread. Whether it be through sharing a hello, a smile, an invite for a gathering, or reading a storybook to loved ones.

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Paramjot Kaur
Youth Ambassador

To write is to paint thoughts into existence. Words are precious, containing the ability to take a reader to worlds that exist in our dreams. I seek to weave positivity into my storytelling. Currently an undergraduate student, I charter the ocean of academics, learning in school and from the outside world-- both have so much to teach me.

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