How often does one hear of a woman with a successful career in Public Relations (PR) and Event Management, spanning 31 years, change tack and embark on something totally different?  Well I did just that!


From studying full time for three years and qualifying with a National Diploma in PR in Johannesburg and working in both the corporate and consultancy environments of PR, I then established my own PR and Event Management company that celebrated its 23rd year in business in March this year.


However in 2012 when I nearly lost my Mum after a routine operation, I decided there had to be more to life than spending many a holiday; long weekend or birthday celebration conducting interviews with the national press; doing a lot of spin for one of my clients as well as preparing and sending out press statements on threatened industrial action by the workers of another client or basically just being at the beck and call of many of my multi-million dollar corporate clients. 


So, I took myself off to a three-day oil painting workshop held by one of South Africa’s artists, Jane Digby, also Ballito based, and produced, with a lot of assistance from Jane, a rather good painting of a Dhow in the seas off Zanzibar.  However, my delight was short lived when I attended a second workshop on Portraiture.  Sadly the nose of my female subject, according to Jane, looked rather phallic!!!!  Well that was the end of my aspirations to be a portrait artist!


However being a very tenacious individual, I pursued my love of art, stumbled across abstract art and three years later in 2015 produced a range of abstract paintings that people wanted to buy. I then took my foot off the pedal in my PR business, resigned all but one of my accounts and as they say in the classics – I have never looked back!


Whoo hoo – my art career had begun!!!!

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